Getting Rid of Attachments in the "Down with Bian" Drama

A Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | September 24, 2006

[] In the past,
I felt that I didn't lean toward either the Pan-Blue Party or the
Pan-Green Party in Taiwan (translator's note: Pan-Blue Party refers to
the Nationalist Party, and Pan-Green Party refers to the Democratic
Progressive Party), nor was I interested in them. However, during the
recent series of "down with Bian" dramas (translator's note: Bian
refers to Chen Shui-Bian, the President of Taiwan), I noticed my heart
was being moved. Although I do not support Bian, when I saw that a
group of people who opposed him could put a person down to such an
extent, I thought that they had gone too far. I felt that even if a
person is not good, there is still no need to do whatever it takes to
make him sound that bad.

Very soon, I realized that I was attached to the feeling that Chen
Shui-Bian was not being treated fairly. It had nothing to do with any
feeling of personal loyalty or support toward him. Had his political
opponent been treated the same way, I would be moved similarly. I
remember that Master once raised the example of a driver hitting a
person with fast driving. If the person being hit dose not "exploit him
and ask him for money, those bystanders even found it unfair." Had all
the bystanders have righteous minds, people wouldn't feel the right
thing was to "exploit the driver."  

As bystanders, if practitioners feel that Chen is being treated
unfairly, won't it be used by the old forces with the excuse of getting
rid of our attachments to further complicate these chaotic phenomena,
further distracting people from focusing on the issue of  the
Chinese Communist Party's harvesting organs from live people and making
our saving sentient beings more difficult?

What happens next in the political drama is not what's important. The
important thing in the process is to find our deeply hidden
attachments. After all, what we cultivate is neither Chen Shui-bian or
his opponent, but ourselves.

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