Members of the Toronto Celestial Marching Band Clarify the Truth in Chinatown

PureInsight | October 6, 2006

[] About 20
practitioners from the Toronto Celestial Marching Band went to Toronto
Chinatown again to distribute the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist
Party" and clarify the truth with fellow practitioners from the Service
Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist party.

The music shocked the entire Chinatown.  Many pedestrians stopped
and watched.  At the same time of listening to the music, some
people took truth-clarification materials.  Some read the truth
clarification exhibit boards.  Some signed their names on our
petition. Some even had in-depth conversations with fellow
practitioners to have their questions answered.  The band made a
special impression in the crowded Chinatown.

The Toronto Celestial Band returned to Chinatown after successful performance at the same location the previous week.

Every fellow practitioner present could feel that pedestrians didn't
have any bad thoughts left in their mind because of the magic power of
the music.  People treated Dafa Disciples with kindness from their
true nature.

In the intermission of performances, fellow practitioners read the Nine
Commentaries and clarified the truth via microphone.  Their voice
vibrated in the entire Chinatown.  The power of Dafa's saving
sentient beings covered every corner.

We suggest that fellow practitioners in the Celestial Band in other
cities also save more sentient beings via this format.  Next week
the Toronto Celestial Band will return again.

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