From an "Inferior" Person to a "Superior" Person

A Practitioner from Ottawa, Canada

PureInsight | October 5, 2006

[] There was
once a cultivator who had cultivated for many years. Later, he found
that he was becoming older and older, so gradually became suspicious of
his cultivation way and master. He became not as diligent as before in
cultivation and couldn't even sit in the double lotus position when
doing meditation.

One day when he was in meditation, complaining in his mind, his master
suddenly appeared in front of him. Pointing to a mirror covered with a
thick layer of dust, the master said to him, "Wipe this mirror clean."
He pretended not to hear and the master said again, "Wipe this mirror
clean." He reluctantly got up and began to clean the mirror. When he
had just cleaned a little, he saw his own image in the mirror. However,
in this reflection he was young and handsome; he was wearing a
beautiful yellow gown. He suddenly became enlightened... ...

What I just described is the scene I saw when I was sending forth
righteous thoughts at noon yesterday. It played in front of me like a
movie. Afterwards, I pondered why I had been allowed to see it. I felt
scared afterwards, because I am very much like that cultivator I had
seen. Although I have been cultivating in Dafa for many years, some
doubts about Dafa and Master will still pop up into my mind when some
"major" events occur. Although these doubts are quickly suppressed, how
can an "inferior person" like me, who believes what he can see and not
what he can't see, be worthy of the great name of "a Dafa disciple in
Fa-rectification period?" On the other hand, I do, however, believe
that as long as we sincerely do the three things well every day and
measure ourselves at every aspect at every moment with the requirements
of the Fa, we are turning from "inferior people" to "superior people"
who are steadfast and diligent on the path of Fa-rectification.

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