Having Firm Faith in Master and the Fa to Pass Each Test in Cultivation

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PureInsight | September 24, 2006

[PureInsight.org] The path of
Dafa disciples' cultivation has been arranged by Master. It is a path
to consummation through cultivation. We should study the Fa well,
remember at all times that we are cultivators and not ordinary people,
and conduct ourselves based on the Fa's requirements. All these are
very important for us to pass tests and eliminate the old forces'
interference. Recently, I have heard some veteran practitioners falling
into a state of sickness. They tried to eliminate them by sending forth
righteous thoughts. But after a while, they started to use ordinary
people's methods to deal with the "sickness," seeking medical care and
taking medicine. Thus they lost the chance to let go of their own
attachments as cultivators and lost the opportunity to improve their xinxing levels. Instead they have increased obstacles to their cultivation.

Like all fellow practitioners, I was saved by Master from Hell as an
ordinary person filled with karma. In the process of cultivation, I
have endured suffering from eliminating the karma of different levels,
letting go of attachments, and interference by the old forces. Step by
step, I've walked away from delusions. In more than ten years of
cultivation, I may not have been as diligent as many fellow
practitioners who have done so many things for Dafa. But I have never
lost my firm faith in the Fa for even a moment.

I started to cultivate Dafa at the beginning of 1996. During the last
ten years, I have never taken any medicine or received any medical care
or check up. I know that cultivators are still humans and come from the
ordinary people. Taking a few pills wouldn't have killed me. Then why
haven't I done that? I have done so to validate the existence of Dafa
in my life, and I want to validate the greatness and supernormal power
of Dafa. I have been able to achieve that goal. My family, relatives
and friends all know that Falun Dafa is good because they've noticed
the changes within me. Some of them have also started to practice Dafa.

Before I started my cultivation, I had many different illnesses and
suffered a lot from distress. Because of severe heart problems, I had
to be rushed to the hospital to receive emergency care six or seven
times. But my illnesses never got completely cured. I lost confidence
in modern medical technology. Sometimes I felt it would be better to
die than to live so painfully. Shortly after I obtained the Fa, I saw
physical manifestation of karma twice. Karma is indeed a living thing
that can never be eliminated by medical treatment or medicines. That is
why I've never taken any medicine during the last ten plus years.

The following is what I saw through my celestial eye in another
dimension. I am sharing my experience not to show off. I mainly want to
help those fellow practitioners who have not passed their tests of
illness well to establish firm faith in Dafa, strengthen their
righteous thoughts, and walk well on the path of cultivation during
this Fa-rectification period.

Just after I obtained the Dafa, one night I was ready to go to sleep.
As I lay on my bed in the dark room, I was sleepy but then I saw a
small thing like a shadow floating from my chest. At the beginning, I
didn't pay any attention to it, nor did I see it clearly. But after it
appeared in front of me two or three meters  away, I was shocked
all of a sudden by what I saw. It was a big fox. Its feet were about
two inches long and it had shiny brown skin and hair. It has a big tail
and its two front legs were bound by a white band, and so were its two
hind legs. The fox couldn't walk forward. It was just trembling there.
I was worried that it would turn around to bite me. At that moment, a
magic tool appeared. At the head of the magic tool, there were four
rotating things. The magic tool was like a whirling windmill. There was
a thin pipe at the rear of the magic tool. When the magic tool pointed
at the fox's head, I saw the fox become smaller and smaller quickly.
When the fox became as small as a piece of sesame and just like a dark
dot, in a sudden it was sucked into the pipe. The fox was gone, so was
the magic tool. It was as if nothing had happened. Many years after it,
it occurred to me that the windmill-like object at the head of the
magic tool was composed of four å?? in the Falun photo in Zhuan Falun.

About a month later, my daughter and I were both sleeping in the same
room taking an afternoon nap. I was sleeping on a single bed, while my
daughter was facing me and sleeping on a mat on the floor. When I was
almost asleep, I saw a glass vessel hanging above my daughter. It was
like a cylinder about 15 centimeters high and about 10 centimeters in
diameter. There was a glass lid on it. Then I saw a bunch of black
living things floating from my daughter's body. The things were very
small, but there were a lot of them. They were slightly trembling,
proving that they were living things. Every one of them was like a
small tadpole. It had a round body with a short thin tail behind its
body. The glass lid opened automatically. A bunch of the living things
were sucked into the bottle and filled it up.  There were more
than 20 small living things that could not be sucked into the bottle
because it was full. So they were scattered outside. Then the glass lid
closed automatically. Shortly afterwards, the living things in the
bottle were turned into water-like liquid and the liquid filled 2/3 of
the bottle. On the surface of the liquid were three to five dying
living things waiting to be melted. At the moment, the glass bottle
disappeared suddenly.

I woke up my daughter and told her all that I had seen. I told her,
"Your illness has been completely cured. Master has eliminated your
karma accumulated from your ancestors." At the time, my daughter was
suffering from hepatitis C after being infected with it during a blood
transfusion.  She had been very ill. Her whole body was bloated
and her abdomen was getting very big. She looked much older than her
real age and was no longer the young and beautiful girl that she had
been. The doctors said her illness could not be cured. I felt that my
daughter would not be alive much longer. I felt distressed and
helpless. The whole family tried to comfort each other by telling white
lies to each other. We all knew that what kind of fate was awaiting
her, but we just kept silent by living through pain and didn't say
anything about it. After we both obtained the Fa, I saw with my own
eyes that our honorable Master had come to save my daughter's life. Our
gratitude to Master could not be expressed adequately with words. We
just burnt incense piously every day to express our gratitude.

More than ten years have passed. I can't remember how many times I have read Zhuan Falun.
Whenever I read the passage about the issues of treating illness in
Lecture Seven, I would relive what I had seen with my eyes.

Master says in Zhuan Falun,
"Why do people get sick? The fundamental cause of one's being ill and
all of one's misfortune is karma and the black substance's karmic
field. It is something negative and bad. Those evil beings are also
something negative, and they are all black. Thus, they can come because
this environment suits them. This is the fundamental cause of one's
being ill; it is the most principal source of illnesses. Of course,
there are two other forms. One is a very microscopic being in high
density that is like a cluster of karma. Another is as if delivered
through a pipeline, but this is rarely seen; it is all accumulated from
one's ancestors. There are also these cases.

 "Let us talk about the most common illnesses. Somewhere in the
body one may have a tumor, infection, osteophytosis, etc. It is because
in another dimension there lies a being in that place. "

I had personally seen two different causes of karma that Master
described. I didn't see Master in person until I came to the US. The
first time I saw Master was at the Fa Conference in Philadelphia. I
understand clearly that medicine cannot eliminate human beings' karma,
even though medicine might alleviate ordinary people's sufferings from
illnesses. But through suffering, cultivators can get rid of their
karma that they've made through their lives and walk on the path toward

The above are just my personal understandings based on my
Cultivation.  Please be kind enough to point out anything improper.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2006/8/22/39634.html

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