From Believing in Buddhism to Cultivating in Dafa

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | April 24, 2007

[] After I
followed Buddhism for three years, I wanted to become a Buddhist and
cultivate to the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss. However, my kidneys did
not function properly. I had to go the restroom numerous times every
day and I could not sleep well at night either. I was weak and
lethargic and no medication could help me.

At that time, I went to visit someone who I had not seen for a while.
Her complexion was very good and she was full of energy. I was curious
and asked why she was so energetic. She smilingly told me that she
practiced qigong for a year and all her ailments were gone.

I had learned many kinds of qigong before, but my illnesses had not
been cured.  I asked her, "What kind of qigong are you
practicing?" She said, "Falun Gong, and believing in truthfulness,
compassion, and forbearance." I was quite attracted to those three
words.  However, I did not want to quit Buddhism because I did not
have a good feeling about qigong.  I had actually spent quite a
bit of money learning qigong, but my ailments were still there. I went
home and felt sorry for my friend because she left Buddhism.

That night in my dream, I heard a voice say: "Learn Dafa" and I was
given some books and tapes. When I woke up, I realized that was the
Buddha's intent.  The next day, I went to see my friend again and
borrowed her books and tapes to try to understand "Falun Gong." Because
I was attached to Buddhism, it was very hard for me to accept. When I
was ready to take the books and the tapes back, suddenly I heard the
tape that said,   "If you are free from this sentimentality,
what takes over in its place is benevolence. Which is something
more  noble." I was moved deeply by that remark and, in that
instant, the long-closed door to my heart opened. Just like that.

I went to my friend and she taught me how to meditate. When I came
home, I was able to sit with my legs in the full lotus.  In less
than two minutes, the pain became unbearable, so I had to stop. My
younger sister was quite interested in it, and she tolerated the pain
and meditated for half an hour. She said excitingly, "I saw the
acupressure points in my sole like little white dots." I heard that and
immediately double-crossed my legs again. I thought that I had to do
better than my sister. I did not see anything, though, and the pain
from double-crossing my legs almost killed me. When I did not know what
to think of the situation, a huge flashing Falun was in front of me
like a fan, very beautiful.  I was so happy!  Wow! It was
real Buddha Fa that was manifested right in front of me.

I finally found my way home! In the beginning, Master cleansed my body
so I had fever for two days.  I firmly believed in Master and I
knew that was karma releasing, so I did not take any medicine.  I
totally recuperated in two days. I studied the Fa and did the exercises
every day. I could not only sleep better, but also got rid of my kidney
problem. A month later I saw a light glowing, and there was a big eye
with long eyelashes, quite beautiful. I knew that Master had given me a
Buddha eye.

Three months later, I saw a screen one night on which there were
mountains and water. I was on a horse and tried to go forward, but the
screen closed up. Six months later, I dreamed of Master giving me a
gold ring, I took the gold ring. In a brief moment, I was up and above
the cloud. I wanted to go higher, but could not. I came back to the
ground, and I knew that my gong was only that high.

I also had interference from various dimensions during my six months of
practice. One time I saw the Lady Queen Mother in my dream. She said
that she wanted to give me gong and extended it in my direction. 
I knew that I should practice only one cultivation way so I immediately
conjoined my hands and declined her offer.  Once when I was
meditating, a demon said, "You are doing great now and your gong is
very high." My heart was not moved.  In another occasion, a demon
tried to frighten me and it manifested into the most disgusting
monster. Later the demon showed itself again but my heart stayed

After I continued to study the Fa and do the exercises, I found that
Falun Dafa truly can bring people to high levels quickly. There are so
many heavenly secrets in the book Zhuan Falun
which guides me to break through my old self, layer after layer.
However, the path of cultivation is strenuous and the demon set up test
after test before me. One has to suffer both physical and mental
hardships.  When one can tolerate that, one will elevate
spiritually. My physical body also changed. My skin became more
delicate and I was more energetic. When I take my daughter to go
shopping, very few people believe that I have a daughter that
old.  The results from six months of practicing Falun Dafa are
awesome.  When my husband had an illicit affair, we got a divorce
and parted amicably.  I did not harbor any resentment or
bitterness. I even helped him when he was in a financial crisis. 
He was moved by my compassion and knew the value of being good. 
Later, when I was under financial hardship, he helped me a great
deal.  I know that he has chosen a bright future for himself.

I hope every predestined person can obtain Falun Dafa and not waste one
life time of reincarnation.  In the Dharma-ending Period, Buddhism
is also near its end.  The truth is right in front of you so
please, cherish this rare opportunity!

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