I Will Not Forget Teacher's Compassion and Kindness

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[PureInsight.org] I was
fortunate to attend the Falun Dafa classes held in Haerbin and Yanji on
August 5 and August 20, 1994. Those were unforgettable days in my life.
I was fortunate to listen to Master teaching the Fa in person and
experienced Master's benevolence and greatness. I have personally
witnessed the miracle and extraordinariness of Dafa. I am grateful to
Master for passing on to me this great Universal Law and giving me my
second life. I want to share with fellow practitioners Master's
compassionate acts of salvation.  

Master's compassionate face smiled down on us each day. I retained His
image firmly in my mind and will never forget it.  When I
initially saw Master at the beginning of the class I couldn't stop
crying, like a child who was separated from close relatives for a long
time. Each day following the lecture, when veteran practitioners taught
us the exercises, Master would continuously walked among us to watch
us, watching over and caring for every one of us. It is difficult to
describe the degree of compassionate care and concern for our

Prior to beginning Dafa cultivation I had consulted with many doctors.
I had problems with my heart, liver, lung, and stomach.  I had a
thyroid gland tumor, cervical vertebra osseous and neuroses. I was
frequently bothered by sore throat and tongue hypertrophy. I had
visited many big hospitals and still couldn't find a cure for my
illnesses, which not only affected my work but also my family life. I
often felt I would rather die than live. Just when I was at an impasse
I attained Dafa. Master has saved me and given me a second life.

I remember Master telling us in the Haerbin class,  "I don't do healing here. We cleanse the bodies for true cultivators.
Everyone please stand up and think about your illnesses and stomp your

After I had done what Master told us, my illnesses vanished all of a
sudden. I was gratified and couldn't help crying. My body felt light.
For the first time in my whole life I experienced the blessing of
health. I realized it was our compassionate Master who had scooped me
up from hell and given me a brand new journey in life.

Listening to Master's Dafa lectures made me realize the profound
principles the Fa of the cosmos. Master has passed the Dafa on to me,
and my worldview has fundamentally changed. I became a completely
different person. It made me understand why humanity suffers so much
misery; the true meaning of being human, and why people live. Being an
ordinary person is not one's life purpose. To return to one's original
self is the true meaning of life, as Master tells us. The Fa makes me
understand all these difficult questions. Like an innocent child, I was
joyful every day. Those days were the happiest and most unforgettable
days in my whole life. Dafa makes me realize that life is so precious.
All life comes for the Fa, as Master says.

Master never keeps in mind our faults and always protects us so we will
be able to walk on the path. Without Master's protection I would have
been dead long ago. He has arranged for me to attain the Fa through
many reincarnations. I realize now that I had been looking forward to
attaining the Fa for generation after generation. I can never repay
Master for His infinite grace and salvation. I can only practice
persistently and diligently, to attain enlightenment to be able "to go

While in Haerbin we took a trip to Taiyang Island. Some fellow
practitioners said, "Master has come." We were all very happy and
wished to have our photographs taken pictures with Master. He knew what
we were thinking and satisfied our wishes. Now I recall what had
happened and want to say what in my mind, "Teacher, you work so hard.
We all miss you."  

On August 20, 1994, I attended Teacher's class held at Yanji. I again
witnessed the miracle and extraordinariness of Dafa. One afternoon when
black clouds suddenly rolled in, there was a violent storm with
lighting and thunder. Hailstones as big as egg yolks came in through
the windows.  There were traffic jams and trees were uprooted. We
were all anxious. Later on fellow practitioners told us that it was
demonic interference. But when we were about to go to the class, the
rain stopped. Torrential rain began to fall again when the class
started. Master had used his supernatural abilities to get rid of the
interference. When the class ended, Master donated 7,000 Yuan to the
Yanji foundation.

Every time I recall the days Master taught the classes I am blissful. I
feel I am the most fortunate person, for I cultivate the most precious
Fa in the cosmos. I have too much to cherish. Several years have passed
since then and I stagger along in my cultivation and Fa rectification.
Master has protected us every step of the way. He has never asked
anything from us. He quietly helps us and forgives us. When we
stumbled, Master would tell us to get up and everything would be fine.
Sometime I felt ashamed and guilty and didn't dare to look at his
picture. When I failed a xinxing
test, Master always gave me hints, pulled me up and pushed me forward.
I know if I do not cultivate diligently I will be too ashamed to face

I have witnessed that Falun Dafa is the most righteous Fa, and Master
is the most compassionate and greatest. I cherish my predestined
relationship with Dafa and my fortune to have obtained Dafa.

I know I have not yet met what Master requires of us. I will do my best
to catch up, will persistently follow Him  to the end, and do the
three things well. I will follow along with the progress of
Fa-rectification, to not disappoint Master.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/4/14/43276.html

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