Remembering Master's Mercy: My Losses and Gains

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[] Every time I
recall my two unforgettable classes and the miracles that happened to
me, my heart cannot calm down because these scenes are still so vivid.

One day in May, 1994, the most unforgettable day, I was lucky enough to
attend Master's Falun Gong class with a few other co-workers from our
unit. During the class, Master came down from the podium to teach us
the exercises. We were seated further back, but I was disrespectful to
Master. When Master walked toward us, I asked Master loudly, "Are our
hands correct?" Master said that we needed to turn them around. 
Then I smilingly asked Master," Please give us a Falun." Master did not
mind my being rude and I am so embarrassed even now. When Master walked
back to the podium, he used two hands to release the Falun to us and we
stood up happily to receive it. Suddenly, we felt there was a vibration
in our abdomens, we were so excited and said loudly to each other: "I
got a Falun!"

After listening to the lecture, I understood why the good stuff in my
body was taken from me. I was a lay Buddhist, and went the temple
often. I knew quite a few monks who had supernormal abilities. I had
Kai-Ding. My skull was open as wide as a ping pong ball and I was very
pleased. One time I went to see a famous monk, and he used his
supernormal ability to make me dizzy. I watched something from my dan
tian through my mouth being sucked into his mouth. Suddenly I realized
that he had stolen something valuable from me. I was very angry for
quite some time and no longer went to the temple.

Once Master walked by me, I wondered whether this qi-gong master would
act like the monk and steal my stuff.  At that time, Master looked
at me sternly as if he knew my thoughts.  I was startled, "How
would Master know what I am thinking?"  Master then walked back to
the podium and said, "If someone stole your valuables, that's because
you owed him in the previous life." Master also told us later that we
would keep whatever we cultivate in Dafa and no one could steal it.

I realized how poor my enlightenment was. Today, under Master's
continuing caring and protection, I am diligently doing the three
things well; I feel never ending joy because I can walk steadily on my
path of cultivation.

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