The Happiest Days Were When I Listened to Master's Lectures

A Practitioner from Anhui Province

PureInsight | April 24, 2007

[] I used to
have all kinds of diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, gallbladder
inflammation, severe rhinitis, and aplastic anemia. I had taken so much
traditional Chinese medicine, but there was still no sign of
improvement. I was suffering both physically and mentally. I even
thought of committing suicide.

During the second half of 1993, my husband received a notice from the
Qigong Association of Anhui Province announcing that Master was holding
a lecture series in Hefei City on November 21. I went to listen to
Master's lectures with the thought of giving it a try.

From November 21 to 29 of 1993, Master came to Hefei City for the first
time to give lectures. The class was held in a conference hall at the
Education Institute. Over 500 people attended the class. I sat in the
middle of the first row and was less than five meters away from the
podium. Looking at our benevolent Master made me feel so warm and happy.

During the lecture series, Master never used a script. He only had a
piece of paper with a few lines of words on it. He could talk for over
two hours impromptu. The "Fa" principles Master explained were very
profound, yet they were easy to understand. As I was listening, I
couldn't help falling asleep. I tried to keep my eyes open, but then I
fell asleep again. I pinched myself on the head. It was no use. But I
could hear clearly what Master was talking about. I felt so ashamed of
myself and felt I let Master down. But every time Master finished his
lecture, I was immediately wide awake. It was like that for several
days. In the past, when I had a severe headache my head felt like it
was splitting open. I couldn't eat or drink. I threw up and had
diarrhea. I couldn't talk. Every time the pain usually lasted for
several days and it made me suffer greatly. Later I heard Master say,

"A few individuals may fall asleep and wake up as soon as I finish my
lecture. Why is that? It is because their brains have illnesses that
need to be treated. One will be unable to stand it if one's brain is
worked on. Therefore, one must be put into a state of anesthesia or
become unconscious." (Lecture Two of Zhuan Falun)

I thought: Master is truly a living Buddha. He knows everything.

When Master was giving lectures, he sent out countless Falun to purify
practitioners' bodies and asked practitioners to stamp their feet to
discharge the sickly qi. When I returned home from the class, my family
noticed a great change in me. I went from being a person with many
diseases to becoming a healthy person. My cirrhosis miraculously
disappeared. I truly experienced the wonderfulness of Dafa and the
happiness that the Buddha's kindness brought me. I became a totally
different person.

On April 16, 1994, I listened to the lectures Master gave the second
time in Hefei City. It was held in the conference hall of the Anhui
Provincial Committee Party School. There were over 1200 people. Master
worked very hard and lived a very simple life. One night, on our way
back to our hotel, we saw Master buying instant noodles from a
convenience store. We were in the class with a full stomach but Master
gave lectures on an empty stomach. After each class, Master always
squeezed in some time to teach us the exercises. He corrected
practitioners' movements himself. One day, when we were doing the
standing exercises, it was so quiet in the hall, even with over 1000
people there. I was doing the wheel holding posture with my eyes
closed. Master appeared in front of me to correct my movements. Master
helped me move my arms up and whispered to me, "Raise it a little
higher!" I suddenly felt warm energy flowing all over my body. I felt
so warm and fortunate. Master treated all practitioners as if they were
his children and taught the exercises in person. I can still remember
everything that happened clearly.

On June 21, 1994, my husband and I went to Jinan City Huangting Stadium
of Shandong Province to listen to Master's lecture series again. This
time  over 4400 people attended. At that time, my husband hadn't
been eating well. He was very thin and unhealthy. But that same night
during dinner, when I brought porridge, buns and soup to the dinner
table, he said, "I want to eat now." Ever since then, everything is
delicious to him. I realized that our benevolent Master had purified my
husband's body. It was like a miracle!

At that time, it had been raining the whole day in Jinan. But when
Master's lecture series was done, it stopped raining. When we returned
to our hotel, we didn't even need an umbrella. It was so wonderful. We
could feel Master's mighty divine power.

When Master was done giving the lectures, he also took pictures with
practitioners from different areas. There were over 30 practitioners
from Anhui Province. Because there were so many people, I stood in the
back. Before taking the picture, Master looked at the back and found
that some people who were taller were blocking me.

Master asked me, "Are you from Anhui Province?"

I said, "Yes." I saw that somebody really was blocking me, so I went to
the left side in the front row. Right then, the picture was taken. It
was just in time. Master gave practitioners so much care.

For example, after the lectures were over in Jinan, Master said, "The
next stop is Dalian City. The tickets have already been sold out, so
you don't have to go. If you've already bought tickets, you don't have
to take an airplane. Taking a train or ship should do." So we didn't
follow Master to Dalian City.

Every time I recall these happy days when I was fortunate enough to
listen to Master's lectures in person, I recall Master's simple
lifestyle, benevolent smile, and his always thinking about the
practitioners. I also recall Master's mighty power and all his
painstaking efforts to save sentient beings. I felt so grateful and
respectful of Master. It always brings tears to my eyes. I will follow
Master, assist Master in Fa-rectification, and do well the "three
things" Master has asked us to do so we can fulfill our prehistoric

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