Memories from a Guangzhou Falun Gong Class

A Dafa Practitioner in Human Province

PureInsight | April 7, 2007

[] I was very
touched when I read "Recalling Master's Compassion." Seems like
Teacher's tall figure is standing in front of me. It is Teacher who
points the way for us to return home. It is Teacher who takes us on the
road of godhood from the abyss of misery. It is Teacher who has endured
the sins we have committed for us and dissolved our conflicts. Teacher
protects us every moment and saves us to become enlightened beings. I
want to share with fellow practitioners a bit of my recollections from
attending the fifth Falun Gong class held in Guangzhou.

I have been cultivating with my supernormal abilities locked up and
cannot see the other dimensions. I am able to walk on the path of Dafa
depending solely on my truly believing in Dafa. Under the guidance of a
predestined person in our area, I overcame obstacles to join the class
in 1994. When I got off the train, I saw many Dafa practitioners who
had arrived earlier standing by the train station with Falun Gong signs
to greet the latecomers. Some helped us carry our things.

Every day after Teacher finished his lecture, some practitioners would
stay over to help clean up the classroom and collect garbage. Once
Teacher announced in the class that someone had given him lost gold
necklace, money, and so on and told the owners to come to claim their
lost items. Teacher was taller than most of people and he radiated
benign compassion and dignity. He was so genial and amiable.

One daughter of a Chenxi practitioner, Cai Shan, had been able to see
with her celestial eyes since childhood. Her main spirit once traveled
to the Western Paradise and had seen a gigantic Buddha. Some said she
had cultivated for nine generations. At the time, phony qigong was
causing turmoil in the country. Cai Shan's wife took her daughter to
Guangzhou to learn what turned out to be phony qigong. When they came
back, her daughter would help others to cure their illnesses and
thereby acquired various illnesses herself. Since then she would faint
frequently in the classroom (she was in middle school). They went to
several hospitals for examinations. One hospital said she had cancer.
Their whole family went to many temples to burn incense and ask Buddha
for help to no avail. When their daughter was critically ill, a friend
from Guangzhou came to Chenxi in Hunan Province to introduce Falun Gong
to the family. After three days of persuasion, Cai's whole family went
to Guangzhou to attend the fourth Falun Gong class. Can's daughter was
carried there. After a few days of attending the class, she became
healthy. Cai Shan's headaches went away as well. His wife used to roll
about on the ground and cry out loud when she practiced phony qigong.
She became normal after Teacher's adjusted her condition.

Can's whole family was rescued from misery to get on the Fa boat.
Unfortunately they didn't come out to validate the Fa after July 20,
1999 when Dafa was meeting with persecution. They are missing this most
magnificent chance in trillions of years. Even so, our compassionate
Teacher still hasn't given up on them and had given them hints in their
dreams and their daily lives to return to Dafa. Once Cai Shan went to a
temple for sightseeing and took a picture of "Falun always turns,"
which was arranged in a square outside the temple. When he had the
picture developed, the character "always" had faded, but "Falun turns"
were particularly noticeable. But he still wasn't enlightened. I truly
hope Cai Shan will rejoin Dafa after taking this detour.

We lived in the Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and
took advantage of a favorable rate for boarding and lodging. 
There were many other practitioners from Guizhou and Northwestern
regions like Qiqihaer. They were all very diligent and did the
exercises early in the morning. I saw with my own eyes a gigantic
turning Falun appearing in the colorful sky over Guangzhou.

Teacher used vivid gestures during lecture. I felt every cell in my
body was immersed in Teacher's compassion field. I listened to
Teacher's lecture quietly and felt so affectionate. In 1994, phony
qigong had already spread all over the country and morality of people
had slipped to such terrible state. Teacher helped us dispose of
harmful stuff. He told us that phony qigong teachers had done great
harm to people. When people shook hands with those phony qigong people,
black stuff would come into people's bodies. Teacher said: "Zhang
Zhenhuan died because of that. (Zhang was the person in charge of the
national qigong organization. He was a major general and died in 1994.)

The day Teacher talked on the issue of eating meat, I ordered a bowl of
rice with meat when I returned to the dormitory but I smelled a foul
odor. I quickly gave up on meat eating. When Xiao Yi bumped her head
and bled, she heshi at once and bleed stopped right away. Many
practitioners said Teacher looked at them many times and felt Teacher's
kind smile touching them warmly.

Teacher charged a minimum fee for the class We paid only 80 yuan for
eight days of using the gymnasium for the class. Teacher paid his huge
effort to let those who had a predestined relationship obtain the Fa. I
sincerely hope that those who have obtained the Fa cherish the
cultivation opportunity and validate the Fa.

It is like yesterday when I think back on Teacher's smiling face and
patience. When I returned from Guangzhou I dreamed about I kneeling
before Teacher, dressed in western-style clothes. Teacher helped me get
up and said: "I know everything." Teacher is always with us.

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