Always Remembering the Time that I Spent with Master Li

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | April 24, 2007

[] In July and
August of 1994, I was fortunately enough to attend Master Li's 9-day
lecture seminars in Jinan City and Yanji City. I'd like to talk about a
few extraordinary things that I personally witnessed and experienced
while attending the seminars and share with everyone the majesty and
power of Dafa.

When I first saw Master Li, he felt very familiar to me. It was as if I
had met him before but couldn't remember when. Before the seminar
started, while I was on my way there, I listened to veteran
practitioners talking about stories of gods and Buddhas. I started to
regret that I had signed up for the seminar a little bit. I was a
member of the evil Party, and was deeply poisoned by the atheist
education that I had received. When I heard the stories, I thought to
myself, "Aren't they promoting superstitions?" But at that time I was
very ill and was in pain all the time. I decided to go to the seminar
after all while carrying mixed feelings. But after I listened to Master
Li's Fa lectures, over a period of just a few short days, the way that
I viewed the world completely changed. Dafa unveiled to me the meaning
of life. Why is it that a human being is allowed to be a human being?
Being a human being is not the meaning of our lives. The meaning of our
lives is to return to our original, true selves. After I finally found
the answers to the questions that had confused and troubled me all my
life, the joy that I experienced can't described with words. I felt so
fortunate to have obtained Dafa in this lifetime.

Right before I attended the seminar, I was up for a major promotion at
work. Based on my abilities and how many contributions I had made, I
felt that the promotion should be mine. But I ended up not getting it.
I felt very bitter and couldn't understand why I was not given the
promotion. After I listened to Master Li's Fa lectures, I realized that
it was not something that I was supposed to receive, and I couldn't
receive it through pursuing it. Before I attended Master Li's seminar,
I was suffering from a number of serious illnesses, including
pancreatitis, gastritis, neurosis, herniated disk, and debilitating
back pain, and I was frequently hospitalized. Because of my illnesses,
I was struggling with my family, my job, and my daily life, and
sometimes I thought I would be better off dead. Under such
circumstances, I was fortunate enough to obtain Falun Dafa.

On the second day of Master Li's seminar in Jinan, Master said that he
wouldn't cure illnesses for ordinary people but would adjust the bodies
of those who truly wanted to cultivate. He asked everyone to stand up,
think about the illnesses that he or she was suffering from, and stamp
his or her feet. Master asked us to wait until he gave us the signal
and not be overly anxious. After I did that according to Master's
instruction, all the pain that I was feeling went away. My body felt so
light and weightless that I felt that I was going to drift up like a
balloon. I was so happy and overwhelmed that I couldn't stop tears from
flowing down my face. I truly experienced how it felt to be
disease-free for the first time in m life and witnessed the realness
and extraordinariness of Dafa firsthand.

Before I attended Master's seminar, I had been suffering from a disease
called "neurosis" for a long time (It is actually a form of animal
possession). When I was startled by a sudden sound, my body would start
to jerk so hard that I would lose consciousness. I couldn't bear to
hear any sound before going to sleep at night. Even the sound of
turning the pages of a book would cause me to jerk wildly and lose
consciousness. At the peak of my illness, I couldn't walk anymore. I
needed someone to carry me up and down the stairs. I was in a lot of
physical pain. My family members were living under a lot of pressure as
well. I lost all hope to live. It was merciful Master who took away the
animal spirit that had possessed me for so many years and rescued me
from the sea of bitterness. I was given a new life. At the same time, I
realized the disastrous results that various sham Qigong practices had
brought to the public (I had practiced sham Qigong practices taught by
people possessed by animal spirits before). Only Master had the power
to deal with and rectify those bad things, and truly save the mankind.
While cleaning away the animal spirits, Master simply waved his hands
and all those bad things were gone. Sometimes we even heard those
things making sounds as they were cleaned away. Everyone who was there
was very shocked.

During the seminar in Jinan, I also experienced one thing that I will
never forget. During a rest break one day, I wanted to get close to
Master and look at him from a close distance. But I couldn't find him.
Then someone next to me told me that Master was near us. I turned
around, and Master was looking me. It was as if Master knew what I was
thinking in my mind.

At the end of Jinan seminar, none of us wanted to leave Master. Master
granted our wishes and took group photographs with all of us. There
were several thousand of us. Master told us to take group photographs
with him based on where we came from. As soon as Master pointed a
finger, a group of people would gather together and take photographs
with Master. At the end, those of us who came from remote regions asked
Master to take photographs with us individually. Merciful Master once
again granted our wishes. After the photographs were developed, we were
amazed to discover that no matter how many people there were in the
photographs and how tall the people next to Master were, Master always
appeared taller than anyone else. At the beginning, we found it
inconceivable. Later on, we realized that Master was not an ordinary

After the Jinan seminar ended, Master immediately went to the city of
Dalian to start a new seminar the very next day. He told practitioners
who were going to Dalian not to fly there. At that time, people didn't
know why. The next day a major storm took place and all the planes were
grounded. Only then did we realize why Master told practitioners who
were going to Dalian not to fly.

In August of the same year, I attended another of Master's seminars in
Yanji. Once again I witnessed the magical power of Dafa. One day before
the class was about to start, suddenly heavy clouds covered the entire
sky. A strong wind started to blow. There was loud thunder, lightning,
and pouring rain. Even some trees were uprooted. The streets were
flooded. Many cars were stuck on the roads. At that time, all of us
were very worried, as the class was about to start. At that key moment,
the rain suddenly stopped, and we were able to make it to the class
just in time. We knew that Master had used his power to eliminate the
interference and damage of the evil

Another thing made me believe in the magical power of Master and Dafa
even more. At the end of the Yanji class, students from my region made
a silk banner with the words "The Budda Light Illuminates Everywhere"
to thank Master. When we presented the banner to Master, Master smiled
gently and shook hands with each of us. When Master shook my hands, I
felt incredible warmth and compassion radiating from his hands. It was
something that I had never experienced in my life. Master's hands were
so soft that I felt I was touching a piece of cotton, not human flesh.
I was very shaken by it. This is a saying in Buddhism, "the hands of a
Buddha are as soft as cotton." I realized that the saying was right!
From that moment on, I completely stopped believing in atheism.

On the path back to my true, original self, I will strive forward diligently and return home with Master.

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