Remembering Master Teaching the Fa

A Dafa Practitioner from China

PureInsight | May 2, 2007

[] I walked onto
the practice site of Falun Dafa on May 30, 1994 and my joy was beyond
description. In addition, I was fortunate enough to attend Master's
class in Zhengzhou on June 11, 1994.

Before I started practicing, I had a hot temper, was impatient, and
somewhat careless. I wanted to find a cultivation system to improve my
character and my body. With that in my mind, I went to Master's class.

On June 8, I got on a night train to Beijing and then transferred to
Zhengzhou. In the train I saw the back of a tall man and followed a
young girl with braids in my semi-awake state. When I raised my head to
see, I found out that there was no one there.  Practically all
passengers were sleeping and the light inside the train was quite dim.

On June 11, the class was held in the old, worn out auditorium. The
auditorium had not been used for some time and the layer of dust on the
podium was quite visible.  All the windows were tightly shut from
inside. There were a few chairs and a table on the podium.  There
was only one door, and since there were a lot of people, the hall
looked quite disorderly.  I was there early that day and I sat on
the wooden floor between rows.

When Master walked in, the walkway was very close to where I sat. 
I could see Master clearly from such a close distance. He looked so
kind and peaceful and had a smiling face, which made him warm and
approachable. When Master walked by me I saw his back. Oh, that was
what I had seen on the train.  I almost cried out and had to cover
my mouth.  Master was on his way to the podium, and there were so
many people, how could I cry out to him? Tears of joy flowed down my
face and my heart was filled with happiness.

Master gave a simple introduction about himself and then started to
teach the Fa. His voice was very loud and clear and everyone listened
quietly. Suddenly Master said in a stern voice, "If you want to listen,
you can. Otherwise, you can get out." Everyone turned around and tried
to find out whom that was for (later we understood that was demonic

In the middle of the lecture, it rained heavily, and fierce raindrops
were hitting on the roof like fire crackers. We could no longer hear
Master's voice. Suddenly, all the lights went out and the auditorium
was pitch lack. Everyone was sitting quietly. I saw Master sitting on
the table with his legs in full lotus position and using hand signs,
very beautiful. Master continued to uses the hand signs while the rain
drops leaked through the roof and fell on Master's head.  I also
saw Master grab something in his hand and put it in the mineral water
bottle. Master twisted the lid tight. I whispered to someone next to
me,  "What is Master doing?"

"I did not see."

More than ten minutes later, the lights were all back on, and were
brighter than before. We were really happy, and Master continued to
lecture.  Before the day was over, Master said, "We were delayed
today. We'll make it up tomorrow. Everyone should go back home within
half an hour."  

Master walked out first with that bottle in his hand.  Someone
wanted that bottle. Master asked, "What do you want it for?" Later, I
was told that the water in the bottle was red.

The rain stopped and we all left the stadium.  However, the road
was dry and our shoes were all dry. Some of the trees by the roadside
had broken limbs and some were uprooted. When we walked by where Master
was staying, we saw pieces of shattered glass at the front door. Less
than five minutes after we returned to our lodging, the rain poured
down again. One practitioner jokingly said, "I will not be afraid even
if it rains knives."

The next day, it was reported that we had the most severe rainfall in the history of that area.

I understood much later that Master was rectifying the Fa and protected
us at all times. The incident in the class was Master taming the demon.
However, Master has never mentioned anything about it.

I was also very fortunate to be able to attend the class held in
Jinan.  The lecture hall was packed with about 4,000 people plus
more people outside the lecture hall. Because the hall was closed in,
plus the hot weather, it was quite miserable inside. I heard Master
say, "Why don't you all put your fans down for a while?" Immediately, a
breeze came up and everyone felt so good! Just as if Master has treated
everyone with a piece of ice, we felt cool from head to toe.  We
all applauded, and we truly realized how benevolent Master was!

After I came home, everyone who knew me said that I was a totally
different person.  I, too, felt light and energetic and truly
experienced the joy of being illness-free. During my course of
cultivation, I have always followed Master. I do better when I can
enlighten to something but sometimes I am lost. Master often enlightens
me in my dreams or during my meditation.

No matter what I do, Master will arrange what is best for me. Even when
I am passing out flyers, all I need to do is move my legs and open my
mouth. When I was arrested, if I could only keep my thoughts righteous,
Master would help me to resolve the rest. After I was released, I
thanked Master for his compassion.  

When I could not pass my test, I cried until midnight.  The story
I am writing now has taken me several years.  I have wanted so
often to write this article to encourage other practitioners, but when
I realized that I had not been diligent, I was ashamed of myself. As a
result, I could not write anything presentable. I cried every time I
tried to write and felt inferior. What I did not understand was that
Master wants my sincere heart to cultivate solidly. I am so grateful to
Master, and I will devote all my energy to do the three things well to
repay Master's compassion.

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