The Everlasting Validation (1)

A Dafa Practitioner in Beijing

PureInsight | May 23, 2007

[] I started
practicing in 1993 and I was very fortunate to meet Master many times
that year. After I read "The Precious Memory," I was so moved. 
Those precious words, the fleeting moments, and scene after scene are
vividly flashing in front of me. What a great feeling!

This is the 15th anniversary of Master's teaching the Fa, and I would
like to share with everyone my story.  I feel deeply that every
Dafa disciple is the validation of Dafa and particularly the veteran
disciples who have lived through 15 years of trials and hardships,
witnessed every word and action, and personally experienced the
magnificence of Master.     

We have seen not only the human side of Master: honest, modest,
amicable, and compassionate, but also his godly side: his boundless
compassion, his fashen always watching over for us, enlightening us,
and guiding us. We validate Dafa when it helps to eliminate the
illnesses and restore health for people, when it helps people to be
kind, when it creates the miracles of improving the moral standards in
the society and re-establishing civilization.  We also witness
that Dafa has eliminated demons, saved sentient beings in different
dimensions, and reclaimed the dignity, the splendor, as well as the
magnificence, of the new universe.  Every step on our path
validates the wonder of Falun Dafa and the evil of the Communist Party.
The lies and propaganda are not worthy of mentioning here before the

I was fortunate to meet Master in the following occasions: a Beijing
Class in August 1993; a Tianjin Class in March 1994; a Guangzhou Class
in December 1994; many public meetings as well as consulting meetings;
the Oriental Health Exposition in 1993; the opening ceremony for Zhuan Falun in 1995; and a symposium for translators in October 1997.

All those turn into the most wonderful memories.  With so many
stories I have heard, I do not know where to begin to write.  I
believe that many disciples have written their stories. To avoid
duplication, I will share only my own experiences.  

The Poise of an Enlightened Being

When giving a lecture, Master never used notes, only occasionally
glanced at a small scrap of paper taking out of his pocket, and could
talk continuously about the profound principles, from simple to
complex, which caused enormous changes in all ordinary people. 
Master patiently answered questions during the breaks and after the
lecture, not a single question being unanswered. In order to spread the
Fa to more people, Master extended the classes and arranged as many
classes as possible. Master could talk about anything in this universe,
and yet he could embed every word in our hearts.  Everyone treated
Master like a kind father, and everything Master said had convinced us
from deep within.

In addition to that, Master set an example for all of us how to be a
good person and how to be think of others first and be
considerate.  I recall that sometimes we behaved like our ordinary
selves: we tried to take the seats close to the podium in order to see
Master clearly. Master told us in a kind manner that cultivators should
behave differently from ordinary people. Under his guidance, we no
longer grabbed the front-row seats, and the veteran practitioners
automatically gave up their seats to the new comers. Sometimes, they
even gave up their tickets to the new comers.  This was done out
of their own heart, and it was so natural and so pure. Veteran
practitioners, following Master's instruction, led the new
practitioners and cleaned up the entire lecture hall even though there
were people who were paid to do that.

Later in the lecture hall, no one smoked, spit, littered, or talked
loudly. We all helped each other to be civil and kept the place very
peaceful. The minute Master started to lecture, the whole place was in
complete silence and there was no need for anyone to maintain order.
That kind of behavior cannot be found at any other gathering in China.
That is a Dafa field which can rectify all abnormalities and subdue all
evil thoughts or bad habits.  Thus we created the miracle of
"Falun Gong Essence" on April 25, 1994, when there were more than ten
thousand practitioners petitioning on the street for a whole day and
not one piece of paper or one cigarette butt left on the street. That
is not so unusual at all!

Master was very concerned about whether we could not see him or hear
the lecture clearly. Sometimes, under unfavorable conditions, Master
would stand up to give the lecture. During the health exposition,
Master often stood up for a couple hours or even four hours to answer
questions. Practitioners often liked to hold Master's hands, ask for
his autograph, or have their picture taken with him, and Master always
cheerfully granted their wishes. When we learned the exercises, Master
walked around every corner, glanced at all the practitioners, and
corrected our movements. Often Master touched the foreheads of all
little Dafa disciples in front of the podium and adjusted their bodies.

The Dignity of Dafa

The gentleness and kindness from Master enabled us to be relaxed.
However, if anyone or anything tried to interfere with us, then it
would be a different story.  That we could even hear from the
video tapes.

I remember when I attended the class in Beijing and we encountered
demonic interference. The microphone was suddenly very loud, then very
weak, or made abnormal sounds, and the lights on the podium went on and
off uncontrollably.  Master talked to the people in charge of the
equipment in a stern voice.  We had no idea what was going on or
why Master behaved that way. Later, it was revealed, during the public
lecture in Tianjing, that we had a snake spirit that tried to cause
trouble. And when people asked why Master coughed during the Tianjing
lecture, Master said that the interference was enormous when the divine
beings from different dimension thought that the human beings should be
destroyed and were not worthy of the great Dafa.

Master even informed us that many divine beings were slowly being
convinced after seeing so many people practicing and they started to
accept the idea that Master should spread the Fa to us. There were two
surprises for them: One surprise was that there were so many people
still wanting to be good in the world like this. The second surprise
was that many of us had cultivated to a quite high level.  Master
said that everything he taught before was only a preparation. From here
on, he had to teach a little deeper and that would be the contents of Zhuan Falun
and after that he would only teach the Fa but not the exercises. Master
even jokingly said that perhaps we would have to get on an airplane to
fly outside of China to learn later.  Everything that was being
said then has all materialized.

Many practitioners saw Amitabha and Laozi on both side of podium, eight
guardian Jingangs, and many heavenly soldiers guarding both doors into
the hall and every row. Master said that no one in other dimensions
dared to sit down to listen to the teaching except us.  Master
expressed in the latter classes why he cherished us so much but,
unfortunately, we were lost in the delusion. Many of us who had
obtained the Fa could not break through the red terror and lost
something truly precious.

I could neither understand nor see, so I was listening to fairy tales
at that time. However, I could sense the atmosphere being extremely
dignified, serious, and sacred. That scene is still with me. 
Master asked us seriously to be on time, so we would not affect other
people in listening to the teachings.  Now we understand that the
importance of listening well.

The registration fee for Master's class was very low, and sometimes we
even got a refund for various reasons.  I heard in two classes
when there were people who did not buy tickets and listened to the
lecture.  Some people said that they did not get a Falun. Master
said, "You did not buy a ticket. Of course, I would not give it to you.
No loss, no gain. If you want to buy a ticket and make up for it, you
will get it."

Taking a Subway to Teach the Fa

In the Beijing Class, after the lecture of the second day, my
six-year-old daughter and I were waiting for the subway to go home. I
saw Master talking with a few practitioners and walking toward
us.  I greeted Master and Master asked me whether I understood the
lecture and all.  I asked why master was taking the subway. One
practitioner said that Master stayed farther away and did not want to
burden practitioners, so Master took the subway every day to
teach.  And this was his first time that he met Master on his way

I did not see Master after I got on the subway.  After a while,
when more people got off the subway, I saw Master sitting not too far
from me looking very peaceful and pleasant.  That stays in my mind
even now. I got excited and took my daughter over to ask Master whether
my daughter was too small to listen to the lecture.  Master
motioned to me not to disturb him and lowered his head and closed his
eyes.  After a few minutes, he waved for us to get closer, I did
not react fast enough and Master grabbed my daughter and put her on his
lap. Master talked to my daughter and touched her forehead at the same
time. My daughter answered the questions with a smile, her legs
dangling, and looke at me once in a while. She was quite relaxed and
did not treat Master like a stranger.

We got off the subway with Master and said good-bye. After that, my
daughter got up early every morning, gave up her breakfast, and asked
to leave early so we could be on time. She sat through the whole
lecture which was unusual for her and flipped open one page which she
could even read without difficulty.  She loved to look at Master's

On the third day, when we were going to catch the subway, we met Master
walking alone. The minute I said Master, he motioned me not to disturb
him.  Later Master told us that he adjusted practitioners' bodies
not only during the lecture but also when we started to register with
our photos. Master cleansed different dimensions and adjusted our
bodies for us around the clock, and read our experience sharing in
addition.  Because there was a huge amount of work involved, he
hoped that we would not disturb him.

Through this incident, I was very touched and could not calm down for a
while. I felt so fortunate to have such an experience, and
unfortunately we were powerless to provide a better environment for
Master.  Especially in the hot August in Beijing, our Master had
to take the subway, walk a long distance under the hot sun, and adjust
our bodies at the same time. We all know those days, an ordinary qigong
master had to be chauffeured back and forth, but our Master is

That is the genuine Master I saw, who always thought about others
first. It really moved me. Other practitioners were also moved after
learning that Master took the subway to teach a class.  We truly
need to cherish what we have.

Practitioners from Beijing Should Be Leaders

During the Oriental Health Exposition, many practitioners from Beijing
learned that Master would no longer teach a class in Beijing and begged
Master to reconsider. Master sincerely told us, "Beijing is an
expensive place to be, but people from other cities come to Beijing to
attend the class, why can't you do the same and go to other cities?
Your financial situation is better than people from other cities." At
that time, there was a class in Tianjin. Master said, "Can you be a
leader? Tianjin and Beijing are so close. You can come back within the
same day.  I think that you are just lazy. You should be content
that I have taught here more often than any other city. From now on,
you need to learn from practitioners from other cities. Cultivation
means hardships and giving up."

Master hit the nail right on the head, and we were embarrassed. Yes,
why were we so special? Many people bought the tickets for the Tianjin
Class after hearing that. Later on many practitioners from Beijing
rented a big van and commuted between Tianjin and Beijing, worked
during the day and went to the class in the evening. Sure we had some
inconvenience but what we experienced was truly memorable. That was the
first time that Master wanted us to lead and we moved forward one step.

Master guided us later, one step at a time, slowly, out of our human
notions to obtain elevation in our cultivation. Especially under the
strict Fa-rectification period, we have often paid a painful price for
not breaking out our acquired human notions.  We finally had a
deeper understanding of "breaking out," "giving up," and "letting go."

The Look in Master's Eyes

The look in Master's eyes was the most memorable for me. The look in
Master's eyes was sincere and serious when giving a lecture, warm and
approachable when talking with practitioners, but sharp and stern when
dealing with the evil forces. However, for many years, I could not
really describe the look in Master's eye which attracts me like a
magnet to a pin.

I recall that, during the health exposition, I took every opportunity
to be next to Master. I could stare at Master's kind and amicable face
for two hours non-stop. I would find time, even just a minute, to run
over to look at Master. I felt the insatiable need to do so and I could
do it forever. Every time I met Master, I felt the same way as if I had
known him for a long time and he were never a stranger to me.  The
look in Master's eye was so different and beyond description. 
Master seemed to be able to see through us, and we were like children
in front of him. When I was around Master, my mind was empty and clean
and could not think of anything to say.

 Master was so young then with thick black hair and extremely
delicate skin that had no wrinkles, just like the baby's. Master's
hands were big and soft. When I held Master's hand, I felt as if I got
support. That warm feeling has deeply ingrained in my mind and has been
indescribable. Since I am the same age like Master, my impression about
Master has been unfathomable to me. After knowing Master, I felt that I
had lived my forth-some years in vain. Master has given me a new life.
During my trials and hardships in later days, I kept the look of
Master's eyes in my mind which enabled me to pass my tribulations one
by one, hold on to my belief firmly, resist the evil thoughts, persist,
and never give up.  All I have experienced turned into the most
wonderful memories.

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