Remembering Master Coming to Guiyang for the Fourth Time

PureInsight | May 23, 2007

[] In order to
offer salvation to all sentient beings, our beloved Master has taken
every corner of the world as his home. Right after Master finished all
the classes in China, he went outside of China to spread the Buddha Fa.
On September 23, 1997, Master and his assistants drove to Guiyang over
night and met with us for more than two hours at the Bajiaoyan Meeting

When we heard that Master was coming, we rushed to the Bajiaoyan
Meeting Hall. My mother suddenly knelt down on her way up into the
hall. She was a little slow in thinking, but I reminded her that her
main spirit saw Master! I ran to the window and looked inside. It was
Master indeed! I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself to be sure that I
was not dreaming.  I shouted to my parents that Master was really

When we entered the hall, all practitioners were listening to Master's
lecture. My mother had tears in her eyes from the beginning to the end.

Master emphasized again and again that we should study the Fa
diligently, look inward, get rid of our shortcomings, harmonize the
whole body, and elevate together, so we could spread Dafa well in
Guizhou Province.

Master had no time to even drink water, but continued to answer all
questions in an amicable tone with a fatherly manner.  Many other
practitioners and I could not think of anything to ask Master. Then I
heard my mother ask, "Master, I have this human notion that I want to
let go, but I cannot succeed. Could Master help me?" Master said,
"Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of
gong is done by one's master. If you know that your notion is
undesirable, this is a good thing.  You can resist it and get rid
of it!"  Someone else asked, "What is the kingdom like for divine
beings?" Master said, "It is very beautiful, and you must be pure gold
before you can enter." Another said, "It is very difficult to
understand ‘Expounding on the Fa.'"  Master said, "That is for
your knowing side."

A practitioner who obtained the Fa in 1993, saw Master as if she had
run into a relative and complained that her cultivation environment was
not good. Her husband was very abusive and often beat her.  As a
result, her hands were deformed.  Master said compassionately,
"Three generations of your family have cultivated in the Buddha School
during lifetime after lifetime of reincarnations. There is no doubt
that there will be unresolved resentment.  But it will be all
right after you get home today."

 Later on, she revealed in the experience sharing that she was
afraid on her way home that day, but when she walked in the door, her
husband met her with a smile and said, "You worked hard today and I
cooked the meal. Let's hurry and eat before it gets cold again. It has
been reheated three times already." She was astonished by the turn
around in her husband. After a second thought, she realized that it was
Master who had resolved her karma benevolently. She knew that Master
must have suffered quite a bit for her, and she wept. How considerate
Master was!

When the meeting was over, none of us wanted to leave. Many of us waited for Master by the car until midnight.

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