Remembering Master Teaching the Fa in France

A Dafa Practitioner in France

PureInsight | May 23, 2007

[] In March 13,
1995, we had just had a long and harsh winter. With the first wisp of
sunlight in spring, a Falun Gong class was held in a gymnastic exercise
hall. This was the first stop for Master teaching the Fa outside of
China.  The following are recollections from a few practitioners
who attended that class.

Recollection (1)

I was very fortunate to be able to attend Master's class because my
parents are practitioners.  My mother called me from China to
inform me about it. I went to the hall and checked it out to be sure it
was indeed the same Master as my mother said.

I expected to see someone who was old and senile teaching the class. I
could hardly believe my eyes when I first saw Master: in his thirties,
dressed simply in the western style, well-built with a gracious manner,
and handsome with a kind expression. I can use the word "perfect" to
describe Master.

The first day, Master explained that bringing people toward higher
levels means salvation. I was shocked. In the past only Sakyamuni and
Jesus talked about salvation, but Master also? Slowly I was engrossed
in Master' teachings. The contents were so deep. I had never heard
anything quite like it. I kept clapping my hands, hoping that Master
would talk more.  Master said that it was almost two hours and
some people could no longer continue to listen.  In this way, I
listened to one lecture after another in the following days.  

What left me with the deepest impression was that, right after the
bitter cold winter, Paris was still not too comfortable. However,
during the whole week of the class, the weather turned very nice, with
a warm spring sun.  Since then, every year at this time it has
been nice and warm and we know that something has been cleansed in
different dimensions.

Recollection (2)

My husband and I ran a store. When my daughter's piano teacher told us
about the Falun Gong class, we had one day to make a decision. The
class started at 7:30 PM, but our store closed at 7:00 PM. If we waited
until the store closed, then we would be a little late.  We
hesitated about it. My nephew was suffering from illnesses, and we knew
that qigong could cure illnesses.  We had been fooled before by
other kinds of qigong, but decided that we should go and try one more

So that day we closed our shop early. Even though we knew that place
well, we encountered quite severe interference. We drove around and
around. Finally we got there, but the lecture was over and Master was
teaching the exercises.  We learned the exercises. Soon, my
husband could feel the heat in his palms and the body and felt very
comfortable. On our way home, my husband said that this was a genuine

My younger brother went to the class too, and he asked whether Master
could cure his son's illnesses. Master said that he did not cure
illnesses but only adjusted the practitioners' bodies.  My brother
was a little discouraged.  I normally tend to waver, but I was
very certain at that time to talk my brother into attending the rest of

For many years, I had been searching for the goal of life and wanted to
go home and work for the good of my country, but I had not found an
answer. Later I went outside of China to make money so that I could
leave that to my children. However, something was lacking in life.
Master's lectures, from simple to complex, enabled me to understand the
meaning of life and the purpose of being a human. After a few days, my
third eye came open and I was very excited.  My heart was filled
with joy and happiness.  I felt that I was finally walking into
the Buddha School, and I wanted to walk firmly on the path of my

Twelve years has passed, whenever I recall the moments I started practicing, my heart is filled with joy.

Recollection (3)

I used to be interested in martial arts. When my friend invited me to
attend a qigong class, thinking that there is similarity between qigong
and martial arts, I went.  From learning martial arts, I only knew
about practice. However, Master talked much more about other stuff and
the practicing part was much shorter.  I did not understand what
Master was talking about until the last two days.  That was
"cultivation and practice": Cultivation comes first, and practice comes

On the last day, an old lady on crutches came. After listening to
Master's lecture, she threw away her crutches and walked out of 
the hall. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have
believed it. The miraculous results of falun Gong won my heart!


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