A Change of Heart


PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[PureInsight.org] There is a
village chief in my home town. He used to be a man of few words, had a
hot temper, and was impatient, but he has always been very courageous
and tone who stood up for justice. And so he has earned a very good
reputation among the villagers.

One time, the walk way in the village happened to occupy a small area
of someone else's property.  The family requested a very
unreasonable amount for compensation.  And the village chief had
to settle this.  He felt that this family was too greedy and
denied the request. From that time on, that family harbored resentment
against him and constantly looked for an opportunity for revenge.

One day, the husband and wife of the family asked the chief to come to
their house again to discuss the matter of compensation.  The
chief did not think much about it and went alone. The minute he walked
into the door, the wife locked the door behind him, and the husband
picked up a wooden club and hit him on the head.  The chief lost
consciousness. After he regained consciousness, the husband and wife
gave him a good beating.

The villagers and family members took the chief to the hospital. 
He did not die but had suffered from a brain concussion.  He had a
severe headache every day and the pain was excruciating if the weather
was bad. After three months in the hospital, the chief went home.
However, the pain was unbearable.  When the chief was thinking
about how to kill the couple who had victimized him, his practitioner
brother and sister introduced him to Dafa.  They wanted the chief
to practice Falun Gong, be kind, and not go to the extremes. The chief
read Zhuan Falun,
experienced a lot of inner conflicts, and decided to take the revenge
lightly. Meanwhile he started practicing Falun Dafa.  

Two months later, the chief‘s symptoms miraculously disappeared. 
He was very happy, but the couple went to court and accused him of
illegal entry and assault.  The husband of that family claimed a
loss of two teeth and sued for monetary reward.  The chief had
just regained his calmness, and now he was stirred up again.  He
thought about his physical pain and financial burden from staying in
the hospital.  He did not ask for anything from the other
party.  Now they wrongly accused him again.  It was a
difficult battle for him to decide whether or not to have a lawyer to
fight for him in court.

Later, after the chief accepted help from other practitioners and his
xinxing had elevated, he decided that he would follow the verdict from
the court. The other family was awarded 3,000 yuan in damage. The chief
was extremely disappointed.  Under the guidance of Dafa
principles, he borrowed the money and paid the fine.

This is an event that happened more than ten years ago, but the
persecution of Falun Gong has been going on for eight years and the end
is not yet near. However, the fact that Dafa taught us how to be kind
people is undeniable.  A change of heart occurred when the chief
was hurt and then was wrongly accused later.  He had to pay a
fine. Meeting evil deeds with kindness is the best validation of how
Dafa teaches people to be good.  It is also how Dafa turns an
ordinary person with a mentality of an eye for an eye into a noble
cultivator who renders good for evil. Examples like this are numerous
among Dafa cultivators.

My friends, please just picture yourself in the chief's shoes. How
would you react? Would you be able let go of your hatred and treat
others with kindness?  Nowadays, you may get yourself into
unnecessary trouble by throwing others your glance. It also tells us
that this society needs more people like the chief who believe in
truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance.

What is the rationale for the evil Party to persecute Falun Dafa? What
are the characteristics of anyone or any organization that cannot
tolerate cultivators like Falun Gong?  This explains clearly why
the Chinese Communist Party is the number one cult that is taking
pleasure in persecuting innocent and kind people.  

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/5/23/44033.html

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