Mei Yu

PureInsight | August 8, 2007

[] If you have
not had a lot of experience living in this world, you will not feel
miserable when you are alone. I think that there are probably two
reasons why intellectuals like to have time for themselves.

After we are born into this world, everyone has his own path which is
unique and different from that of other people.  This path is not
a map that you can draw on a piece of paper so you can it see
clearly.  Instead, it is a path that requires you to ponder while
you are alone in order to see it and walk it well. If you feel that you
need someone to do it with you, I am sorry. My advice is that, "You
will not find a partner because this partner does not exist." This is
one of the reasons why you need to be in solitude.

In addition, you will discover that when you are dealing with others,
what you say may not be comprehended well by them at times. But you
should consider yourself lucky if your remarks have not been twisted by
others. You also find that you are not as concerned as other people
about the events in others' daily lives.  People will even
perceive  the same event differently than you.  Thus, people
lament that it is so hard to find someone who can thoroughly understand
them. In fact, the person who understands you the best is yourself.

That is also the reason why cultivators always talk about doing
nothing: not interfering with other people's lives and not saying
anything worthless.  This is because they do not know the paths of
other people and if they meddle with others' lives, they may be the
ones who create hardships or interference for them.  Of course, if
it is a matter or life and death, they must do their best to prevent
that from happening.

When a person wants to remind himself to walk well on his own path, he
must make up his mind to eliminate the interference, say "no"
diplomatically, and remain calm and rational when he encounters

I have never considered that someone is good because he is willing to
follow. I believe that these people have lost their own judgment. 
I do not think that people who are concerned about others are kind:
Because the more they meddle, the worse it gets. Sometimes when we do
things according to our best intention, it may still generate poor

Solitude is precious: your surroundings are still, your soul is quietly
listening to God's will, and your goal is how to walk well on the path
so that you can reach your destination.

When human beings can live with such awareness, it is truly a blessing!

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