Cut Across Anything That Misleads People

PureInsight | August 19, 2007

[] Life looks
like a temporary journey of short duration, and as if passing through a
dense fog.  During every short journey in our many lives, nobody
knows how many dense fogs we need to pass through to return to the pure
heavenly homes where we originally came from.

When the gentle breeze blows through the valley and the sunshine cuts
across the dense fog, all things on earth become clear and brightened
in a split second.  Birds begin to sing pleasantly and white
clouds appear to float in the blue sky.  We let go of the sadness
and dejection of the past and melodious music echoes in our life. 
At this moment of truth, the path that leads us to our original homes
clearly appears in front of us.  Dafa is the breeze that clears
the mist of confusion and distortion.  Dafa is the sunshine that
cuts across the dense fog and directs people to find the path of
cultivation to reach their homes.  

We start our journey on the path.  We pass through sunrises and
sunsets one after another.  We finally meet again on the path
after a long separation in the remote past.  We exchange an
understanding smile, because we know why we are here.  We
occasionally take a short break to adjust ourselves and move on. 
We sometimes pass by flowing water and wash ourselves to refresh our
minds and move on.  

When the breeze blows through the valley and the sunshine cuts through
the dense fog, I pack up and start my new journey on the path.  I
trudge over thousands upon thousands of mountains and water, where I
experience numerous tests and tribulations.  But I never slow down
my pace on the path of cultivation and towards

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