Cultivation Experiences and Realizations: Upon Arriving (III)

By a Dafa Practitioner Outside of China

PureInsight | August 19, 2007


(I) Simplicity and Complexity

Yesterday when I was checking my email, I saw that there were many
truth-clarification related things needed to be done and that I could
join. I felt pretty happy.

Then I faintly realized that this happiness was not solely due to my
being happy to save sentient beings, but it also had components of
proving myself and attachment to showing off: "See, I'm doing so many
things!" Even if I did not tell others about it, in my mind I had this
kind of thought to some extent.

This kind of impure thought will cause interference. One of its
outcomes is that I will be thinking of doing this and doing that. After
being busy for a while and spending lots of energy, I will find that
none of the things are making significant progress, or that everything
is taking a long time.

Actually we should put the focus on the problems that need to be
solved, instead of the project (doing things) itself, or the state of
mind of feeling content and important because of being "busy".

I remember once my wife said to me: "Why does it take you so long to do
things? It has been 30 minutes already and you are still busy? If it
were me it would take no more than 5 minutes." It was indeed like that.

Looking at it from the surface level, for lots of things, it doesn't take much time to solve the crucial steps.

Looking at it from the cultivation perspective, many things have deeper
meanings and factors. When we enlighten from the Fa and act as what
Dafa practitioners should act, then the issues will become very easy to

When modern people write an article on computer, they keep editing here
and there and it takes a long time to finish. However when our ancient
predecessor wrote poems, they could take a pen and finish within
moments. There is some disparity between the two.

Sometimes just for one sentence we would have to think for quite a
while. Actually there are many factors that are blocking us. When we
get rid of our attachments, our minds will be pure and won't be moved
by apparent phenomena. We will be able to see through these superficial
things and see the truth.

Master said: "As one goes higher, not only is the appearance more
beautiful, but also the thoughts have to be more pure and refined.
One's way of existence, speech, demeanor, and movement will all undergo
changes. Their speech is like poetry, and that's just the way of things
at one certain level. Higher levels are even more splendid. It
definitely wouldn't work if you didn't conform to the requirements of
that realm. I often say that "cultivation is up to you, gong
is up to the master." In other words, though you want to reach that
kind of realm, how could you reach it when you don't even know about
it? How could you do that? You yourself can't do it. I only look at the
heart you have for cultivation. Master will take care of the other side
if you're determined to keep cultivating. What's critical is whether
you can be steadfast and whether you can finish your cultivation."
("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland")

(II) Assuming things

My work place was going to hold an activity nearby at noon time. Not long ago they held a similar activity in the same place.

I wanted to go and thought that it would be a good opportunity to
clarify the truth. But I had things to do at the time. Also I didn't
know where it was, so I asked a colleague. He told me to walk past our
parking lot then cross another parking lot, and then I would be able to
see it. There are some trees around there and it's near the road. I
thought I understood and said: "Alright."

When I finished the things I had to do, everyone had already left. I
went to the parking lot that I assumed to be the right one but didn't
see anybody. Then I walked around five or six nearby parking lots but
couldn't find it. So I had to go back.

Later I heard that behind our building there were two more parking lots and the activity was there.

From this I realized that when we do or say things we cannot assume
things to be in certain ways. We should carefully listen to what others
have to day and then we can completely understand them. Otherwise we
are more vulnerable to saying wrong things and making mistakes and it
won't be good for anyone.

(III) Be Good with Others

I have a colleague who's very warm with others and likes to help others.

Gradually I realized that I don't respect him as much as I do with other people, perhaps because he is so easygoing.

Actually this is a degenerate mentality, accepting that "simple and
honest people are more likely to be taken advantage of." How can I
accept this kind of thought?

Once I was studying the Fa and read to the part of "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities" (Zhuan Falun,
2000 Translation Version). I understood that if a practitioner does
well, his pure and compassionate words can make evil people become
good, and good people become better.

(IV) We cannot Slack Off

When I got off work, I saw that there was still some time until the
group Fa study, thus I sat inside the car and began translating an

In the beginning the translation went very well. Then I got sleepy and took a nap. When I woke up, I continued.

When it was time for group Fa study, I just realized that there was a
part I didn't have time to finish, so I had to wait until afterwards.
If I hadn't taken that nap, I would probably have been able to finish.

From this I realized that many things have been arranged in our cultivation. Slacking off in cultivation will cause losses.

(V) Brief Summary

After finishing studying the Fa, I was driving on the way home and I
suddenly realized that, when Dafa practitioners clarify the truth and
save sentient beings, we should not think about those that have already
been saved, but instead think about those who are waiting to be saved.
In this way, when we do things it will become much clearer.

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