Human Beings Are Powerless In the Face of Natural Disasters

He Tong

PureInsight | August 26, 2007

[] I saw the
natural disaster program on YouMaker today. Natural disasters can come
from the sky above, from under the ground, from fire, and from water.
Perhaps with today's advanced science, they are not too frightening,
but the trouble is that they come without warning and go without a
trace. You cannot prepare for it and tens of thousands of people may
lose their lives. When it is all over, all you are left with are the
crying sounds and the aftermath.  In the face of natural
disasters, human beings are so insignificant and powerless.

When I was little, I often thought about the meaning of life. No matter
how rich, how wise, how famous, and how beautiful, one goes through the
journey of life full of ups and downs and a path that consists of
birth, aging, illness, and death. While you are in a position of wealth
and power, you believe that you can enjoy all that for the rest of your
life. But suddenly, there came SARS and took your
life.     An earthquake, a tsunami, or any natural
disasters can take everything easily.

I thought once that there must be some way that I could avoid natural
disasters. Why is nature so precarious? I believe that nothing is
coincidental even though it may look unfathomable and mysterious. In
other words, everything has its order and arrangement and nothing is

I read an article no long ago that bold scientists nowadays believe
that there is something controlling all lives. I was reminded of
Newton's fourth law, "Why does the earth rotate? What force is that?
This is the power of God."  The rotating of the earth so far
cannot be explained by our modern science. However, this may be
validated by the scientists of the future since science is continuously
making progress. Many well-known Western scientists chose religion in
their later years. In the history of China, may scholars immersed
themselves in the principles of the Buddha school and the Tao school.

 From folk legends, we see, "Do good deeds and receive blessings
next lifetime, do bad deeds and receive thunderbolts." Nostradamus, the
16th century French prophet, mentioned that large scale
epidemics in the human world are punishment and cleansing for man's
moral degradation.

If the human world is indeed controlled by higher beings, then all the
puzzles can be solved.  If higher beings created human beings,
these beings must set a standard for human beings to observe. 
Here we just simply use "kindness, justice, courtesy, wisdom, and
trust" to summarize that standard. When the moral standard of human
society has declined, the enlightened beings can eliminate people with
natural forces. No matter how smart human beings think they are or how
advanced their science is, before the natural disasters, we are indeed
insignificant and powerless.

We all know that Falun Gong teaches people to follow the principles of
"truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance" and cultivate. The
persecution has already lasted eight years. During the past eight
years, Falun Gong has spread to all over the world. Many people benefit
from practicing it.  Dealing with such a kind and peaceful
cultivation group, the lies from the Chinese Communist Party are so
powerless. Right now, the natural phenomena have also manifested often
to warn the ones who have not heard the truth and also the ones who are
helping the evil to do harm to innocent practitioners. In many cities
of China, there was snow in the month of June. Isn't that a most
compassionate warning from Heaven? More recently, I heard that the pig
blue ear disease has spread all over China. In addition, it is caused
by a  highly contagious new pathogen. This reminds me of the SARS
epidemic and that the Chinese Communist Party was covering up the truth
about the crisis. The prophecies from East and West are slowly being
fulfilled. Dear Chinese people, please quit the Communist Party fast
and eliminate the beast mark on yourself. To thus cherish your own life
is to cherish the future of China.

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