Clarifying the Truth by Phone

A Dafa Practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | August 19, 2007

[] I attended a
Fahui in Taiwan not long after I started practicing. During the Fahui,
I said to a fellow practitioner, "Let's write a sharing paper." That
was five years ago, but I have not written one article. A few days ago,
when I attended a Fa study and sharing in the Southern region, I got
the notion again. I wrote this article to share and to remind other
practitioners about the three things that we should do well. Have we
become more tolerant? Do we still remember the prehistoric vows we

Time flies. It has been five years since I started practicing Dafa.
When I think about this, I have various emotions in my heart. Before I
practiced Falun Dafa, I thought how miserable it was to be a human
being, but now I consider myself so very fortunate to be a
practitioner. Master said in Zhuan Falun,
"Because of this body, everyday people will encounter this problem:
They cannot stand being cold, hot, thirsty, hungry, or tired, and yet
they will still have birth, old age, illness, and death. In any case,
one will not be comfortable." In life, we most likely encounter events
that are less than desirable. I have pondered that again and again:
What do human beings live for?  What is the true meaning of life?

I used to be saddened by the emptiness of life and the feeling of
floating like duckweed without purpose. Even when I am among people, I
cannot suppress my feeling of desolation.  When my mother was
seriously ill, I could not describe the pain I felt when I watched her
suffer. Later she could no longer recognize me, I was wishing her to
either get well soon or die soon! My mother had been sick for quite
some time and I hated to see her suffer. I was thinking about the same
question: Where did I come from and where am I going? And I was a
little frightened. Not longer after, Mother passed away. In the last
segment of her journey, I felt more empty and sad. I told my niece,
"Let's go and cultivate! Perhaps because of what I just said, my
Buddha-nature emerged and shook the world of ten directions. Therefore,
Master led me into the cultivation of Dafa.

 In June, 2002, I walked into Dafa accidentally. That day, a
classmate of mine invited me to watch some aerobic dance. We were a
little early and chatted aimlessly with others.  All a sudden, the
gentle, slow, and curving movements of filling up and discharging qi
attracted my attention. How familiar and how peaceful! I was drawn to
it and moved close to and followed their movements. Oh, that was the
callings from my deepest soul and my longing for Dafa! Thank you,
Master, for not letting go of one disciple who was lost in the maze.

Everyone has his/her own predestined relationship with Master. When I
read articles describing that purpose, I am so touched. I recall the
way that I obtained the Fa was so ordinary. However, Dafa has liberated
me from my puzzlement toward life and revealed to me the true meaning
of returning to my true self. The manifestations of Master's compassion
and effort are everywhere. I truly understand that the sole purpose of
us Dafa disciples is coming into this world for obtaining the Fa.

During the course of my cultivation, even when I fell or stumbled
periodically, I understood clearly that I could only move forward but
not backward. Because cultivation is a serious business, no one can
help me. And that is the principle of the universe. I read often from
the website that practitioners mentioned that Master had exhausted
himself for the sakes of Dafa disciples. I cannot agree more.  We
came into this filthy world and carried karma from lifetime after
lifetime. In addition, our true nature was deeply buried under our
acquired notions and selfishness.

Regardless of how filthy our lives are, Master still offers us
salvation with persistent guidance, encouragement, and kindly hints.
What a great effort that is! Whenever I pay attention to my Fa study, I
can feel Master's boundless compassion and tolerance. The way that
Master cares about us is just like a father who cares about his own
children. Master has guided us one segment at a time during our
journey. Looking back, I can not describe the misery of passing my
tribulations and letting go of attachments and the joy of elevation
afterwards. I have to thank Master again.

What I have done is so little compared with those practitioners who are
diligent and carry righteous thoughts and righteous actions. The only
thing that I can do is to be more diligent, live up to Master's
benevolence, and truly cherish this golden opportunity. Once I attended
a sharing in another city. I did not want to go at first and thought
that it was the same thing again: a smaller group sharing first and
then a bigger group sharing. I thought about it again that Master left
this cultivation format for us so that we can move forward together.
One practitioner talked about her experience of calling mainland China
to clarify the truth and "quitting the Communist Party." At one point,
when she asked the other person whether he wanted to quit the party he
did not answer but seemed to be choking with emotion. She asked whether
his entire family wanted to quit. He wept sadly and said, "I am just
like you and many of us are being arrested. She told him to be strong
because practitioners outside of China are calling China to help. 
I wept too when I heard that. I thought about the fate of having one's
organs being harvested and the lives of sentient being waiting to be
saved. Master said in "Fa Teaching Fa at the 2007 New York Fa
Conference," "Dafa disciples' personal cultivation and improvement are
no longer an issue, nor is Dafa disciples' achieving Consummation.
Right now, one important thing that needs to be attended to is the
matter of how to save more sentient beings, and it is something Dafa
disciples are to accomplish during their current process of achieving
Consummation. This is Dafa disciples' mission, a duty that cannot be
shirked, something that they must do and must complete."

After I came back home, I realized that calling is the most effective
and direct route to save many sentient beings. We have a huge amount of
manpower in Taiwan. If everyone picks up the phone to clarify the
truth, the evil will disintegrate very quickly. We formed a group to
clarify the truth by phone at a home of one practitioner who lives
close to the practice site. We encouraged each other and called every
afternoon persistently to persuade people to quit the Communist Party.
During the process, we elevated together and extended our tolerance.
When we made the phone calls, many people hung up on us and cursed us:
Some were kind but others were mean. They were helping us to eliminate
our attachments, such as, competitiveness, zealotry, showing off, and
others. How do we maintain our composure and cultivate compassion under
those conditions? Isn't that the way to eliminate our attachments? At
that point, I understood why our school of cultivation is directly
pointing to the heart and it is the shortest and quickest way.

Fellow practitioners! Wake up and hurry! Master is expecting us and so
are the people in this world! Don't miss this opportunity and leave
regret for later. Pick up the phone and save sentient beings. Don't
forget our prehistoric vows. Now I want to share with you one of
Master's poems:

Hurry Up and Speak

Dafa disciples, speak the truth,

From your mouths, sharp swords all at once shoot forth.

Piercing through the lies of rotten ghosts,

Seize the moment to rescue and save - hurry up and speak.

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