Eliminate the Fear and Clarify the Truth

A Dafa Practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | August 22, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Greetings, all Fellow Practitioners!

I am 61 years old and I have practiced Falun Dafa for five years. 
I go to the practice site, the Zhong Zheng Park in Taoyuan, at 4:10 am
to practice every day unless it is an unusual situation. However, I did
not attend group study very often in the past.

I do not work and have more time. A year ago, I was encouraged by
fellow practitioners to join the group study every day. From sharing, I
realized the importance of clarifying the truth. However, I am an
introvert and have a lot of fear. I was afraid that I could not speak
well and did not know how to talk. My fellow practitioners told me that
that should not matter and I could learn how to send faxes. After a
while, I recognized the importance of clarifying the truth at the
airport, so I participated in clarifying the truth at the airport every
Tuesday. When I saw the success of other practitioners in persuading
people to quit the Communist Party, I told myself,  "If I pay more
attention, I will learn how to do well at that, too. "

After studying the Fa , I saw other practitioners calling China to
clarify the truth and I listened carefully. One day, a practitioner
gave me eight numbers to call after I got home.  From that day on,
I started to call China to clarify the truth and helped people to quit
the party.

During the process of calling China, some will listen to what I have to
say, others will not. I often heard practitioners saying that many
people cursed them out. I rarely ran into people who cursed me, but I
ran into those who were very lustful and their remarks made me blush. I
was wondering why people in China were so lustful. In the beginning, I
did not know how to get around this. Finally, I told guys like that
that I was over 60 years old and they would say, "Well, in that case,
don't call here again!"

Because we make phone calls together every day, I have obtained a lot
of valuable experience. Now, I will say to men like that, "Age is a
woman's secret. Age is not important but what is important is my caring
heart that does not want to see you become a victim of the evil party.
I am a housewife and I like to see all my family members live happily.
My purpose for calling is the hope that you and your family will have
happiness. How about I pick a name for you to quit the party?" The man
on the other end will say, "Yes, very good and thank you."

Now, I also participate in phone calling from 7:30 to 9:30 pm every
Saturday night.  Once, we had a few practitioners from another
city over and we made phone calls together. When I saw so many people,
I got nervous and made a mistake in clarifying the truth about the
Tiananmen Immolation Incident. Fortunately, my fellow practitioners
kindly corrected me right after I hung up. I feel that we should not be
afraid of making mistakes so we can make improvement together.

Even though we all can do the exercises, study the Fa, and clarify the
truth at home, we cannot stay home and spread the Fa. At the same time,
we lose an opportunity to be with fellow practitioners and improve
together. Joining the group study enables me to acquire a lot of good
experiences. If I had done it by myself at home, I could not have
improved so much and so fast.  In the group study, I often heard
about the importance of clarifying the truth in Honk Kong, so I
gathered my courage to have my picture taken and applied for an
passport. I don't want to be left behind and I also want to do what a
Dafa disciple is supposed to do. Last time, the practitioners were sent
back to Taiwan forcibly and that was the biggest repatriate case in
Hong Kong. That is also the first time that I validated Dafa overseas.

Finally, I want to tell other practitioners that I realize the
importance of group study. I do not speak well, but I will pay
attention to what others have to say.  This kind of environment is
what Master leaves us for our cultivation.   I hope that we
all can walk out, be together with fellow practitioners, and coordinate
well of what we should be doing.

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