You Are the Girl in My Dream

PureInsight | August 19, 2007

[] On July 21, I
participated in a parade that supported the withdrawal of 24 million
people from the CCP.  It was held in the Irish capital city of
Dublin. The parade passed through the streets of Chinatown and was
accompanied by other activities that helped the Chinese people realize
the importance of withdrawing from the CCP. At Parnell Square, which
was the starting point of the parade, a practitioner from Canada
introduced me to a woman who was interested in learning more about
Falun Gong.  Her name was Bonica.

Bonica looked like a kind lady. She listened intently as I told her
about the eight-year persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in
China.  She said that it was the first time that she had heard
about Falun Gong and asked me a lot of questions.  Bonica did not
understand why Falun Gong, which followed the principles of
"truthfulness, compassion and forbearance," was being persecuted in
China.  I told her that the evil head of the CCP was responsible
for the persecution because of his jealousy over the large number of
people who practiced Falun Gong. Bonica suddenly understood.

Afterwards, I told her about the CCP's illegal live organ harvesting of
Falun Gong practitioners and how they would burn their bodies to cover
up the crime. I gave Bonica a copy of The Nine Commentaries
and she said that she would read it.  She quickly flipped through
the pages and found out that the escalating persecution was caused by
the CCP's nature and its absolute control over the media in China to
cover the crime. Then Bonica strongly expressed her opinion, "It (the
CCP) should go to hell as soon as possible.  Up to now, there are
only a number of Asian countries that are still under the CCP's
control.  The Chinese people, who are suffering a lot, should
unite with each other to resist and stop the persecution."  

I responded, "You are a righteous person.  Are you interested in joining our parade?"  

Bonica happily replied, "Can I? It's good.  I would like to
distribute the pamphlets to clarify the truth to the world's people who
do not know about the persecution.  It may help reduce the number
of practitioners being persecuted if more people know about the truth."

I was surprised but appreciated Bonica's enthusiasm for joining our
parade. I have always been part of Dafa activities since I started
practicing four years ago.  During those years, I had come across
many people who are so upright that they have offered a lot of
support.  Some of them signed the petitions (petitions used to
help end the persecution), while some offered warm drinks while we held
outdoor activities during cold winter days. However, this was the first
time I have come across an ordinary person who joined in an activity
with Dafa practitioners. Indeed, I admired her very much.  

During the parade, I saw Bonica following the team and distributing
truth clarifying materials to people on the streets.  At the end
of the parade, Bonica came to me and told me a secret.  She said
that she had a dream last night about a Chinese teenage girl.

Her colleague (a Chinese) and a three or four-year old little girl (a
Dafa practitioner's daughter) also appeared in her dream.  But she
was puzzled over the Chinese teenage girl. Bonica also had a strong
feeling to be in the city center today.  When she met me, she
realized that I must have been the teenage girl in her dream.  

I am very happy to have such a predestined relationship with her. 
I said to her that we must treasure this moment.  Bonica also
expressed her desire to be more involved with Falun Gong.  Before
this incident, she had no belief at all. But now, she found Falun Gong
to be the one that she has been looking for.  

So far, Bonica has obtained some Falun Gong materials.  She said
that she would read them.  I sincerely hope that she will become a
practitioner.  I believe that Bonica was waiting for this moment
for a long time and that she was fortunate to have this opportunity to
obtain Falun Gong.

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