Life Is a River

Huang Xiaoping

PureInsight | September 30, 2007

[] One day, my
kindergarten son was reciting his regulations: 1. Give half of what I
have to my classmate. 2. Never hit anyone or talk dirty. 3. Do not take
what is not mine. 4. Keep things nice and neat. 5. When we hurt
someone, we should apologize. After he recited all the rules, I asked
him, "Have you behaved according to these rules?"

He said confidently, "Yes."

Suddenly he blinked his eyes, and asked me,"Dad, have you behaved according to  these rules?"

A shock wave just went through my heart, "I am ashamed! Sometimes what
the grown-ups lose is the basic standard for human beings.

That reminds me of rivers. The waterways are clear and transparent at
their origins. When they flow down to the middle and lower reaches,
they turn cloudy and dirty.  What happens to the clean and
transparent quality at the beginning? Environmentalists say, "Rivers
become contaminated because of the destruction of vegetation in some
areas and soil erosion. When sand and soil come down the rivers, the
qualities of the rivers change."

Life is like a river. If we want to keep the clear and transparent
quality, we need to keep both sides of the river green. If human beings
want to keep a child's innocence, they must continuously beautify their
minds and spirits.

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