Forgiveness Comes from Good Thoughts

Pan Wenshan

PureInsight | September 30, 2007

[] "Forgiveness"
means tolerating others' wrongdoings, which only broad-minded people
can do. A broad-minded person can understand others' difficulties and
forgive others' mistakes.

For instance, if we have done something wrong, inevitably we will
regret it and hope others can forgive us, so that we will have a chance
to make up for it and never repeat the mistake again. Putting ourselves
in other people's shoes, who doesn't want the same thing? If we could
understand others' feelings of wanting forgiveness, we would understand
the meaning and value of "forgiveness." A broad-minded person can not
only pacify others' minds, but also can provide them an opportunity for
making up for their mistakes.

One day, a little girl went to her friend's house to play. She
accidentally broke her friend's mom's favorite vase. She was frightened
and regretted it so much, because she knew that the vase was the only
keepsake that her friend's grandma had left for her friend's mom. She
said to her friend's mom with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry!"

Her friend's mom said, "It's alright, it's alright. Don't be sad, don't
be sad." The little girl asked, "But, isn't this the only keepsake your
mother left you?" Her friend's mom said, "The vase is already broken,
even though I loved it dearly, my mom will still live in my heart
forever. The vase is only a souvenir and its being broken cannot affect
my memory of my mom."

The little girl was so grateful for the forgiveness she received. From
this experience, she learned that, when something comes up, one should
not merely understand it from the surface, but should look at it with
one's heart and understand its profound meanings. The little girl has
since then formed a habit of treating others with tolerance.

A French philosopher said, "Encouragement accounts for eighty to ninety
percent in education. Education should not be feeding, instead it
should be the kindling of wisdom."

The story told us, forgiveness comes from good thoughts. The good
thoughts will bring about a world of Truthfulness, Compassion and

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