Recent Understandings on Clarifying the Truth and Righteous Thoughts

A Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | September 30, 2007

[] When facing a
conflict, do not argue and reason with others just to decide who's
right and who's wrong. Isn't it arguing at the human level to just find
out who's right or wrong?

When studying the Fa in a noisy environment, isn't it a test for our
heart not to be moved? During group Fa study, when some people read too
fast and some read too slowly, isn't it a test for our heart not to be
moved? When completely putting down our attachments, one can immerse
oneself into the Fa no matter what, fast, slow or noisy. One must
consider others first and help others.

During the process of clarifying the truth, when encountering some
businesses that do not allow us to do this or that even when it does
not affect their business, we should still look inward to check if we
have a competitive mentality or an easily moved heart. We must consider
others' situations first. For the sake of sentient beings and those
people, we have to be compassionate and calm in our hearts when dealing
with various issues. Generally, we can send forth righteous thoughts to
eliminate the evil behind those people and stop them from doing bad
things under the manipulation by evil. This is being compassionate to

Recently, when I was in Hong Kong, an ordinary person did not allow me
to clarify the truth in front of his store and said that we were
getting involved in politics. My heart was badly moved and resulted in
his pushing me away. My heart was touched even more and eventually he
was so angry that he cursed me and blocked others from listening to the
truth. I suddenly woke up at the moment and felt great regret.

Afterwards, when we were at another sightseeing spot, I learned the
lesson, got rid of the attachment of competitive mentality and treated
the working staff there kindly. The effect was truly great. At one
place, other practitioners were not allowed to stand there, but I was
allowed. We cannot look at the surface when a problem occurs. We should
not argue over the right or wrong. We are cultivators and have a higher
principle to guide and put requirements on us. Usually, we can find a
superficial cause when a problem occurs but, often, it is not the true
cause. Therefore, the problem won't be solved when we just deal with
the surface cause. The right path is to pay attention to our xinxing.

It is same when chatting online. One can't hold on to the attachments
of competitiveness, complacency and self-satisfaction. Instead, one
should consider others' attachments and feelings. Before, I used to
dump whatever I felt people should know on them and it often ended up
with their leaving while I was talking. Now, I realize that I can't be
too anxious and should talk according to others' ability to accept.
Whenever problems occur, I should check myself first. When some people
regret it right after they agree to withdraw from the CCP, I need to
see if I have any of the attachments of ordinary people. Our
complacency, worrying and any attachments will affect people and their
words are often not real. One day, a person who listened to my
clarifying the truth wanted to withdraw and was very positive during
the process, too. But when I was posting his declaration, he said he
had changed his mind. I was not moved by that and continued the
posting. Later when I gave him the certificate number and praised him,
he thanked me happily and said that he will help others to withdraw.
When we have strong righteous thoughts, ordinary people will, too, and
not worry or be afraid. I also noticed that people's words are often
illusions and interference from the evil. For example, while talking,
some people may suddenly say something really bad, but when I ask about
it, they will claim that they didn't say anything, as if nothing had

It is also same at home. I used to often reason with my kids, thinking
I was doing a good thing for them. But they thought I was talking about
big principles and didn't like and accept it. Later, I realized that I
needed to love them in the way they hoped. It is same with parents.
Before, I treated my parents well in the way I liked and thought that I
was dutiful. Later, I realized that I should be dutiful in the way they
hoped. Of course, when their expectations are not appropriate in some
way, we can discuss this with them under the principle of being
responsible for their eternal lives. After all, ordinary people cannot
see through cause and effect, only we know what's truly good for them.
But, still, we can only give kind advice and not be attached to the

When a conflict occurs, we have to see which attachment of ours it
comes from. As long as our heart is moved, we will have to check
ourselves from within. The problem surely lies inside us, or else no
conflicts would occur. When we cultivate to the state of no omissions,
people on the street will smile at us and no conflicts will occur. When
there is no fear, where do you find the factors that cause fears?

Recently, I passed out newspapers in Hong Kong. When it was hard to
pass out the paper, after looking inward I realized that, even though I
have shortcomings, I should not allow evil to test me using them as
excuses and stop sentient beings from reading to the truth. I will
naturally cultivate away my attachments on the path Master arranged for
me. When I had this thought, it became obviously much easier to pass
out the papers. Passing out newspaper is a process of eliminating my
human notions. Notions such as "it's hard to pass out newspaper to
salary men, it's difficult during certain time periods, it's hard at
certain location, it's so slow I'll never be finished" etc., all have
to be discarded. The more difficult it is, the calmer and more relaxed
we have to be. I did not think much and just treated sentient beings
with compassion. I continued and the newspapers were passed out

Only by stopping the persecution immediately, can more sentient beings
be saved. Recalling my own experience in clarifying the truth when I
had attachments of complacency and self-aggrandizement, I realized that
I was hoping to do good deeds during the process of clarifying the
truth. Wasn't this "seeking for persecution"? Clarifying the truth is
not the purpose of Dafa disciples' being here. We are here to validate
the Fa. It is because of the persecution that we need to clarify the
truth in order to save sentient beings. However, I tried to validate
myself through "clarifying the truth about the persecution" before and
it was seeking for persecution unconsciously.

Cultivating away our shortcomings is to save sentient beings but not
for seeking self-improvement. Evil will be happy if we self-criticize
too much and lose our will. If we are truly validating the Fa and
saving sentient beings, our heart won't be moved no mater what happens.
Instead, we will get up right away, correct our mistakes and firmly
oppose the evil's taking advantage of our shortcomings. In the process
of validating the Fa, any human attachment is unconsciously seeking for
"the continuation of persecution."


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