Life Without Regrets


PureInsight | September 30, 2007

[] The Chinese
Communist Party has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners for more than
eight years. Many Dafa practitioners have had their party membership
and precious opportunity to go to college taken away. Some
practitioners have not had an opportunity to work and have become
unemployed.  Some of them have been fired and their wives have
left them. No matter how vicious the Party is, Dafa practitioners are
not only unyielding but have also become more mature. Dafa
practitioners are not ordinary people. No matter how severe the
tribulations are, they retain their firm belief in Master and the Dafa.


Liu Yatou was a high school student before the persecution in 1999. She
was not very good academically before she started practicing. After she
practiced Falun Gong, her grades improved steadily and she passed the
entrance exam and entered a well-known university.  In the
university, she was a coordinator for the practice site.  When the
persecution started in July 1999, she went to Beijing with a PhD
candidate. Like thousands of other Dafa practitioners, when she was
holding the banner saying "Falun Dafa is good" at Tiananmen, she was
put into a police vehicle and sent back to her university. Later, she
was expelled from the university illegally.

Some of her classmates found satisfactory work. Some continued to
pursue a doctoral degree. Some got married and have children and a
happy family life. However, Liu Yatou went back home and has not found
a stable job. She takes whatever work is available and works very hard
for very little pay. People look down at her, but she has no regrets.
She does her work every day, studies the Fa, clarifies the truth, and
quietly saves sentient beings.

One day, my computer was not working properly and she came to my home
to repair it. After my computer was repaired, I asked her, "You were
expelled from school. Do you regret that?"

She said, "Before I went to Beijing to validate the Fa, I did not feel
too good. After I came back from Beijing, I felt so much better. I
always feel that those events did not happen to me. Life is so short
and I will be gone in a flash. Cultivation in Dafa is not easy." And
she smiled.


Little Sun graduated from a medical school. He started practicing in
the summer of 1997 due to the combined efforts of his mother and an
older sister.  Because little Sun practiced Dafa, he became a good
student and acquired a noble character.  He used to have chronic
hepatitis but practicing Dafa has eliminated his illness. In 1998, he
participated in a volley ball competition. He was sent to a provincial
hospital together with his girl friend after he graduated from the
medical school. Everyone was envious of him.

On July 1999, little Sun was home on summer vacation and had not even
registered in the hospital yet. However, he could not stay home doing
nothing about the slanders.  He went to Beijing to validate the Fa
and was detained like many other practitioners.  He was detained
for 15 days.

Afterwards, the evil-doers became more aggressive in persecuting him.
He was thrown out by the party committee in the hospital. His girl
friend was not with him at the same location and they parted company.
Little Sun lost his job and his girl friend, so he stayed home doing
nothing. His friends and relatives were not happy about his condition.
Dafa disciples are very steadfast. Under tremendous pressure, Sun
studied the Fa, clarified the truth, and saved sentient beings every

Physicians in China accept bribes. Sun's girl friend also got married
and went abroad for advanced study. One day, I asked him, are you
experiencing hardships staying at home? He said, "When I went to
Beijing, I just wanted to say a few fair words for Dafa and Master. I
did not worry about much. The Tang monk went to India and went through
81 tribulations in order to obtain the Buddhist scriptures.  
Sakyamuni gave up being a prince and cultivated instead. Jesus was
crucified on the cross. We are the disciples of the main Buddha and are
the most blessed and luckiest people on earth."

Two years ago, Sun was sentenced to six years in prison for clarifying the truth. He is still being persecuted in prison.


There is a young man at our practice site. He was over thirty in 1999.
He graduated from the university and became an interpreter in the
department of foreign trade. H e was quite wrapped up in fame, wealth,
and sentimentality before he started cultivating. After he started
practicing, he changed into another person. He picked up pieces of
broken glass on his way to the practice site, so no one would step on
them and get hurt.  He donated tens of thousands of Yuan to help
poor children go to school.  He was getting compensation in his
own division. However, he gave it up after practicing Falun Dafa.

He believed firmly in Master and Dafa. In order to assist Master in
rectifying the world and saving sentient beings, he distributed Dafa
materials door to door. He also passed out truth-clarifying materials
downtown where a lot of people would pass by.  He painted Dafa
slogans in the cold winter until his hands became numb. He also went to
the train station and passed out materials to the passengers on the
passing trains. He went to Tiananmen Square and recited from Zhuan Falun and held banners.

During the eight years of persecution, he spent 6 years in police
stations, detention centers, forced labor camps, and prisons. He was
brutally tortured, for example, being handcuffed behind his back and
hung up by the handcuffs on a rope until his feet were off the ground.
Most people cannot endure this cruelty, but he did not give in. He was
burned by several electric batons simultaneously until his flesh all
meshed together, but he did not succumb. He was beaten until one of his
ribs was sticking out, but he did not yield. In the forced labor camp,
he was tortured until he could not take care of himself. The guards
were afraid that he might die in the camp and extorted a large sum from
his father. He was finally released from the camp.

Dafa is miraculous. A week later, he regained his health. One day he
came to my home and we shared our cultivation experiences. I asked him,
"Do you have any regrets that the evil doers took your job away, your
wife divorced you, and you were tortured in prisons?"

He said, "The persecution of Dafa practitioners is the arrangement of
the old forces because we did not let go of our attachments. We have
loopholes and thus were persecuted. The evil party may be rampant, but
it is at its wits' end. And I am fine right now. I know now that we
need to study the Fa, clarify the truth, and save sentient beings. We
all know that we have waited for thousands of years for  Dafa and
the hardships we go through are not worth mentioning. It's such a rare
opportunity to obtain the Fa, I am steadfast walking on the path and
even if they put a knife on my neck, I will still be persistent.

Some people say that Dafa practitioners are so stupid. No, that is
incorrect: Dafa practitioners care very little about gains and losses.
Some people say that Dafa practitioners have nothing better to do, so
they clarify the truth: You are wrong again. Heaven wants to eliminate
the Chinese Communist Party. When people know the truth, they will have
a bright future.  Some people say that the party is so humongous,
how can Dafa practitioners fight against it? That is erroneous notion:
the universe is created for Dafa practitioners and the evil party is as
pitiful as the autumn ants. In just a few more days, it will perish.

Dafa practitioners are fearless when they encounter the evil
persecution and will fulfill their missions of saving sentient beings.

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