Insights from the Ocean

Guo Weiyan

PureInsight | October 8, 2007

[] A few days
ago, I had an opportunity to accompany my family to the ocean for a
tour.  I wrote down my thoughts for sharing.

Looking at the ocean from a close distance, I saw the billowy waves, pushing from behind and rushing to reach the shore.

Looking at the ocean from a distance, I saw the ocean connecting to the
sky, one color, immense, and boundless. The various white clouds
reflecting on the deep blue-purple water was spectacular. On the beach,
everyone walked with their bare feet on the white sand, as if they were
searching for something in the maze, searching for the truth about life.

Life is suffering. There are ups and downs. We must courageously face
reality, not be afraid, and not run away. When we do our very best,
everything will follow its natural course. "Without pursuing comes
noble character." Yes, pursue nothing and gain naturally. Contentment
brings happiness. A contented heart is also a tolerant heart.

The ocean can receive hundreds of rivers. The ocean is inclusive and
can hold everything. Forgiveness, generosity, and tolerance are
acquired qualities, cultivated ways, and a level.

There is a saying, "Be strict with yourself but forgive others." 
When we can tolerate others, we will feel that the ocean is boundless
and the sky unlimited. When cultivators can keep Dafa in their hearts,
they can do what ordinary people fail miserably at: being truthful,
compassionate, and tolerant.

Cultivators should reach a state of clean heart and pursue nothing.
When dealing with problems or people, cultivators should maintain a
godlike vision and reason with boundless compassion and tolerance.

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