Serene Thoughts Series: Sincerity

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | February 17, 2008

[] Living in
this busy world, every one of us interacts with many people and all
kinds of things - fussy or tolerant, grand or trivial, new or old, and
so on.


Due to the lack of sincerity in today's society, falsehoods and
wickedness often surround us and can hurt easily us. For the so-called
benefits, many people would stop at nothing to get them. Many people,
therefore, have unconsciously formed a mentality of self-protection to
guard themselves against others. Normally, it's logical, but if one
overdoes it, one could hurt those who are truly kind and expect nothing
from him or her. Many kind-hearted friends of mine often say, "It's
hard to be a good person!"

Alas! "Being a good person" is hard. In my humble opinion, this "good
person" is seeking something in return, such as repayment,
understanding and acknowledgement. Since you're happy to help others,
then why would you expect them to say "Thank you?" Isn't this a
pursuit? Is it true that if you don't get the proper understanding from
others after you have helped them, then you will stop helping others
and stop being a good person?!

This train of thoughts was triggered by a newspaper article I just read.

As a matter of fact, I think perhaps you have met a group of people who
are truly kind to others and ask for nothing in return. They face
everything with a smile, be it compliment or sarcasm. Some people may
say they're foolish and "old-fashioned," but they have their own
pursuits. Take me as an example. Living in this small area of mine, I
do not have the opportunity to talk to many people every day, but I am
truly happy even though my family is not around and I do not own
anything. That is because I understand that, amidst the material
benefits in the human world, there is something in life more worthwhile
to pursue, which is eternal compassion and sincerity!

Compassion and sincerity are completely altruistic and make one not ask
for anything in return. They are manifestations of awakening after
removing bad notions and are the outcome of the nature of life.  

One cannot survive in society without money or working to make money.
While taking care of our jobs well and arranging our lives well, if we
can treat others with pure compassion and sincerity regardless of how
others treat us, then, at the very least, we won't let down our

If one can truly treat everyone with sincerity and have no thought of
loss or gain in the human world, then he or she will possess an
enormous heart and understand the cause and effect of everything.

Let's all have the heart of pure compassion and sincerity, so that we can build a more wonderful world for others and ourselves!

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