A Happy Dinner


PureInsight | February 24, 2008

[PureInsight.org] I took my wife to a Japanese restaurant where we frequently go for dinner.

We arrived at the restaurant after 8 o'clock after we had finished our
other business. Since it was later than the usual dinnertime, not to
mention the drizzling rains of the cold winter, there were only the two
of us in the restaurant, which was usually bustling with customers.

After our dishes arrived, my wife and I were chatting about my work and
some miscellaneous stuff in our daily life while we ate. When the owner
finished his work, he came over and said to us: "You look so happy
having dinner together."

We smiled at each other and asked the owner why he said so. The owner
smiled and said: "It is the happiest thing to be able to sit down
together and enjoy dinner and chat. He said his whole family had to
take care of the restaurant so they have to just take turns eating.
They often had to eat hurriedly and rarely could sit down to enjoy
their meals.

After listening to his sincere words, we both found we were in fact
very happy. But without their careful management of the restaurant,
perhaps we wouldn't be enjoying our dinner so much. I told him: "It is
because of your attentive care and delicious cooking that we enjoy our
meal. It is you who gives us the most outstanding service so that we
can have this happy hour together."

After listening to our words, their whole family felt gratified. As we
returned our happiness to them, they felt their hard work had more

Many people feel that when they have spent money on a meal is the
service just naturally comes with it. But if everyone had a grateful
thought about others' efforts, there would be warmer feelings among us.

Next time you and your family or friends are having a happy dinner,
please remember those who have rendered outstanding service. It is
through their efforts that we have our happiness.

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