Contemplations on Our Civilization: (3) On a Snowy Day

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | February 24, 2008

[] I don't know
when the sparking crystal-clear snowflakes started their journeys from
the sky. At the moment I am holding a glass of hot water and standing
near the window.

Look at those people who were in hurry not long ago. Now they are either wrapping themselves tightly or slowing their pace.

Have you ever thought of the possibility that the glittering
translucent snowflakes may come from an ocean or, perhaps, just from a
nearby creek? They were all selected to become clouds by the sun and
then formed into snow when they met the cold wind. Finally, they fell
to the earth like business cards from nature, landing on people's
heads, shoulders and bodies and making their acquaintance with us.

In the pursuit of fame and money from day to day, have you ever noticed
the unusual moment of the sky full of flying snow? The very moment is a
reminder to us. We always think that we are powerful, however, in the
face of the mighty natural forces, human beings look so ignorant and

At this time, please slow down your car and your steps and calm your
anxious state on normal days. Then appreciate the romantic charm of
nature and the gracefulness of the universe.

After we say good-bye to the mild winds of spring and the bright skies
of summer, and the continuous rain of fall has departed, eventually, we
welcome the snowy day.

Winter is a season to hibernate for everything and it is the beginning
of the new four seasons. Though it is cold, warm days are not far away.
Only when one experiences the snowy season deeply will he/she
understand the philosophy of seasonal changes and the natural
philosophy of samsara.

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