Reflections in Cultivation: Remove Human Thoughts, Reveal Divine Thoughts

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | November 3, 2008

[] Recently, I started a job that requires me to work long hours. Often it would be midnight before I returned home. Fortunately, this job was seasonal and would only last a month. After that I planned to find a job that didn’t require such long hours.

I thought to myself that even though my current job was tiring, I could use it to improve myself, and thus turn a bad thing into a good thing.

My job required me to screw in big screws by hand. After working for a long time, my fingers, hands and arms would begin to ache. When I regarded it as fatigue, the pain would become unbearable. It felt as if all the bones in my arms were broken. However, if at that moment I could maintain a righteous mind, I would feel much differently.

Once when my arm was really sore, I remembered to have righteous thoughts: “My gain or my loss is not important at all; I am a Dafa practitioner!” Considering that all the people in the factory knew I practiced Dafa, I thought: “I must not tarnish the reputation of Dafa!” Immediately my arm no longer ached.

The machine I worked on was rusty since it hadn’t been used for quite a long time. All of a sudden, the switch got stuck. I sent forth the righteous thought: “Machine, you are also a living being. Don’t make trouble for me like this. Only by helping me can you gain a magnificent future!” The next day I fixed a couple of minor things and it started to work really well. I knew it was because I eliminated the evil that persecuted me that the machine was rectified. When I looked at the machine through my celestial eye, the sentient beings inside were very happy. They said, “We will cooperate with you. We won’t make you tired!”

Once while we were taking a break, my co-worker said something that stirred up my attachment to competitiveness. When I went back to work, I couldn’t see things clearly and my arms started to ache. I then realized that this was because of my attachment to competitiveness and jealousy. How could a Dafa practitioner behave in such a way? I immediately corrected my mind and everything became peaceful once more.

Based on my own experience, I feel that at many times it is just one single thought that distinguishes a human being from a divine being! So we must be strict with ourselves at every moment. We must remember that our human thoughts are not our true thoughts. We must remove them completely in order to reveal our true thoughts, which are divine.

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