Tian Cheng

PureInsight | November 23, 2010

[] As time continues and more experiences are gained on the journey of life, I have less interest in my surrounding environment and feel less disappointment and despair. At the same time, my sense of responsibility has increased. This happened as a result of an improved understanding of life, the existence of being, and of the universe.

I no longer treat things based on my personal preferences, whether I like this or that, or on what I want to do or don’t want to do. Instead, I always try to do things well—to do the best I can to fulfill my responsibility.

Instead of being impetuous and hasty, I learned to do things with patience. Instead of going to extremes, I have become more tolerant. As a result, I am able to maintain my composure under various circumstances. This is probably what ancient sages refer to as “remaining undisturbed in front of fame or humiliation.”

In my heart, I have little joy and worry. There are no drastic ups and downs, nor thoughts of self-interest. My mind has become steady, filled with peace and tranquility similar to a prosperous autumn, where countless fruits trees await the harvest—a ripened harvest after one year of hard work, despite wind and rain. Superficial understandings and abruptness have been washed away over time. What’s left is a sense of responsibility.

This reminds me of the life journey of sturgeon, a fish that travels hundreds of miles upstream returning to its birthplace. It does so with determination regardless of distance or raging river, overcoming any obstacle.

Without rationalizing, the fish simply stays on course undeterred by various distractions or interferences. There is no wondering or hesitation. Its strong determination is really touching and can teach us lots of things.

This is indeed so. Outside elements should have no influence on one's inner, steady determination. This is because they are things at different levels, just like the movements of astronomical bodies are not controlled by human theories or understandings.

Looking back on my cultivation of more than 10 years, many of the shallow understandings I had are gone, such as trying to gain something from Dafa. Instead, I gradually grew a strong sense of responsibility. That is, my every word or action should be used responsibly to better the lives of other people and society. As I become more assimilated to Dafa, this sense of responsibility has rooted deeply in my heart. I have learned to be considerate and compassionate towards other people under any circumstance.

During my cultivation over the past several years, I may not have changed much on the surface, but I do know the drastic changes in my heart. In the past, I was like an ignorant child, now I have become more mature with the caring and teaching of Dafa. I have to do well and be responsible for others whether in the home, workplace, or in society. Although there are many things to handle, I have to pay attention to all of them, otherwise I am being irresponsible.

I have been walking on the cultivation path for a long time. Although I have no idea how far I have come and how much remains, I do know the future is bright. No matter what happens, I am able to endure with a peaceful mind, rather than with panic or anxiety. This is because at the bottom of my heart, Dafa is guiding and supporting me.

When meeting someone on the way to or from work, or over the course of a day, I am always wondering if that person knows the Truth and I am compelled to tell them about Dafa so that they will have a wonderful future. I learned the Truth earlier than others so I must to tell them, since they came here with that wish. They have been waiting for a long time, and since I am the only one around who is able to do so, they are waiting for me to tell them about Dafa.

To tell them the Truth of Dafa and let them experience Dafa’s wonderfulness has become the most important and sacred responsibility for me.

Looking at the path forward and thinking of this responsibility, I know I have to take action so that at the end of the journey when facing these people, I can tell them with sincerity: “I did not let you down.”

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