The Wonderfulness of Falun Dafa

Ming Li

PureInsight | November 23, 2010

[] It is difficult to remain undisturbed in the face of material interest. It is possible to see a person's moral standard based on how he or she handles money. Some people commit many bad deeds because of money. One day a coworker surnamed Sun told a story of how he was extorted several years ago.

When Sun was driving a car, he knocked someone down. Although there seemed to be no injury, Sun still sent him to hospital out of kindness. Sun spent over 300 yuan (US$45) for that person to have a comprehensive examination and the results were good. But that person still requested to be hospitalized for continued monitoring. In this way, that person stayed in the hospital for more than one month and the medical bill was over 10,000 yuan (US$1500). This made Sun very upset and he still had to do things to please that person. After several negotiations, he had to pay 12,000 yuan (US$1800) extra to end this incident. After hearing this, his friends said, “A person cannot be too kind; otherwise, other people will easily take advantage of that.”

This reminded me of a Falun Gong practitioner named Aunt Men. Aunt Men was also knocked down by a car. After knocking down Aunt Men, the car owner offered to send her to hospital. Being considerate of the car owner, Aunt Men said no, and simply requested to be sent home. She had to stay at home for three months to recover. The car owner was very thankful for that. Another practitioner named Aunt Hao was bitten by her neighbor's dog. The neighbor tried to give her 300 yuan for the injury. Aunt Hao refused to accept the money and her neighbor was very touched. There are many stories like this among Falun Gong practitioners: paying attention to virtue, forgiveness, tolerance, and kindness.

I often imagine society as a large dye vat. When everyone adds some color, the vat will become extremely messy after some time. Similarly, because of the bad deeds between each other, everyone will be harmed in the end. The law has influence only on the surface, and it cannot change a person’s heart. If everyone believes in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the moral level of society will be elevated. We really need Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in this world.

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