Two Incidents I Will Remember Forever

Han Dan, a practitioner in Hebei Province

PureInsight | November 23, 2010

[] There are two incidents that happened to me several years ago that I still remember very clearly. Here I would like to share them to express my gratitude towards Master.

The first incident happened at 8 a.m. on November 15, 2003, when I fell from the second floor of my newly built house. It felt like my chest was a crushed watermelon, and my internal organs were probably damaged. I called aloud, “Master, please help me! Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” I was not afraid since I felt Master was by my side. However, I couldn’t move or stand up. Since I was the only person at the house, nobody would have known it even if I quietly died there. I kept on reciting “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I also asked Master for help to gain strength. Gradually, I was able to stand up. With both hands pressing on my chest, I walked slowly back to the house one step at a time. After arriving at the house, I lay in bed in tears, hoping that some practitioners could help me. Since I was the only person at home, I moved slowly to the telephone and dialed the number of another practitioner in my village. The phone call went through but I could not speak. I was very worried, but was still unable to say a word. Not long after that, a practitioner couple came over. Seeing my condition and pale face, they called my daughter who had a business. As soon as my daughter came in, she asked me to go to the hospital. I waved my hand and said no. At that time, I had one thought that only Master could save me. Were I go to hospital, I would die there as soon as I got into the ambulance. I felt the bruises and blood that was all over my chest. The blood pooled wherever I lay down, and accumulated at my stomach when I stood.

A female practitioner accompanied me for three days and three nights, together with her child. During that period of time, the practitioner recited “Lunyu” with me and other articles by Master. I didn’t eat or drink, either. On the fourth day, my husband came and asked me to go to the hospital. I told him, “Please don’t worry about me. I’ll get better with each passing day.” Then, with that practitioner’s help, I was able to get out of bed and started to do the exercises. I was also able to eat some soup. Many friends and relatives came to visit me, asking me to go to the hospital. Even the police agent who was sent to watch me also said so. I told them, “I’m a practitioner. The hospital is for everyday people, not for me.” With Master’s help, my health improved day by day. My husband was very happy and he said, “In the past, I knew Falun Dafa was good, but I didn’t know it was so miraculous. I also want to practice.” I told him, “If I didn’t practice Dafa, I would have been dead already.”

One month later, I totally recovered and continued to do my business. The police agent assigned to watch me was very surprised, “Falun Dafa is really good. I thought you would be unable to recover from that injury. It seems I was indeed wrong.”

Another incident happened on October 5, 2007 (lunar calendar). Since I was running a metal parts business, I had to rent a minivan for transporting goods. When the van owner increased the price, I changed to a different one. The previous owner was hateful and he hired the mafia to beat me. One day at 5 p.m., when riding a motorcycle on a rural road, I saw an old red minivan without a license plate parked in the middle of the road. On both sides of the road were wheat fields and they had been recently watered. As soon as I stopped in front of the minivan, two men jumped out from the minivan. Each of them held a thick wooden baton and began to beat me. Not knowing what to do, I called aloud, “Master, please help me! Master, please help me!” I was beaten down in the wheat field, with mud all over. They beat me hard on my shoulder, waist, and arms, until one baton was broken. They then rushed into the minivan and immediately left. Surprisingly, although being beaten so hard, I did not feel any pain, as if the batons were beating on wood. Realizing Master had endured for me again, I was in tears. Then, someone passing by helped me to stand up, and I returned home on my motorcycle. Upon arriving home, I found my left arm unable to move. My sisters came to visit me and asked me to report this to the police as well as go to the hospital for an examination. I said, “I’m a Falun Gong practitioner and Master has endured for me. I should follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Master is helping me and I will be fine. Please don’t worry about it.”

It wasn’t until March 2, 2008, that someone from the police department told me that the two mafia thugs had been arrested for beating up other people. They also said they had been hired to beat me up in the past. The police agent asked me if I had any special request. I told them to handle it according to the laws and I had no comment.

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