A Story About My Office Computer

A Dafa practitioner in China

PureInsight | December 14, 2010

[PureInsight.org] About two months ago, I began to work for a small company. There is a very old computer in the office there. It was left on all the time and the CD-ROM had stopped working. The computer ran very slowly and the fan inside made a lot of noise. This computer naturally became one of my Fa-implements. I used it to study the Fa and write articles.

Recently, there was some interference and I was agitated. My attachments to fear and self-protection were exposed. The computer also began to run abnormally. Not only did it run more slowly, the fan noise became even louder. After turning it on this morning, the noise was unusually loud. Right after I entered the password, the computer stopped working altogether.

I checked closely and found that the keyboard was not working. I thought to myself, “The keyboard never had problems in the past, how can it suddenly break down?” I tried several times, back and forth, but it still did not work. Did the computer really break down? After leaving my hometown, I just happened to find the job here. The computer was my only connection to other practitioners, and I came to rely on this computer regularly for studying Fa with other practitioners, and I had planned to use it to join the Seventh Mainland China Dafa Practitioner Online Experience Sharing Conference, as well. With the computer not working, what could I do?

Then I remembered that in many practitioners’ experience sharing articles, they talked about looking within when faced with problems. Some of them even communicated with their computers or printers and fixed the problems. Therefore, I said to the computer, “Right now it is the Fa-rectification period and everything came for the Fa. That includes you and me. You were fortunate enough to become a Fa-implement and help with the Fa-rectification. I hope you will continue your efforts and not give up.” Then I shut down the computer and turned it back on again. Everything went back to normal and the unusual noise was also gone.

From this, I understood that everything does come for the Fa. After we wake them up, many beings want to do their best for the Fa-rectification.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/12/5/70083.html


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