Truly Look to Benefit Others

A Dafa disciple in Taiwan

PureInsight | December 14, 2010

[] Yesterday at noon, I had a conflict with a fellow practitioner. I got upset and angry. In the afternoon, I shook hands with her to make up for it, but from the bottom of my heart I hadn’t let it go.

Right before I sent righteous thoughts at midnight, I suddenly felt I was isolated and far away from the characteristic of the universe: Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. The life of a practitioner is to assimilate to Dafa. Thus I felt so much pain that it was beyond description. I sincerely apologized to Master that I didn’t do well and promised I would rectify myself and cultivate well.

After I sent righteous thoughts, I calmed down and looked within. The conflict with the fellow practitioner that happened during the day had caused my mind to enter into a bad state. I also found that I was cold towards her and there was a gap between us. I understood clearly that the reason why I had so many conflicts with her was not because of whether the things we argued about were right or wrong, but because I still didn’t let go of the attachment of being combative. I was attached to the idea that I was a coordinator. Every time a conflict occurred, I thought, “I coordinate everything based on a higher level understanding of Fa. I consider the situation more comprehensively. You should listen to me. My way can save more sentient beings. Can’t you let go of self for the sake of sentient beings?”

I tried hard to “truly think of others first,” to think of the other practitioner’s virtues, why she was against me and whether she was selfish or not. I found that, generally speaking, what she did made Dafa projects more successful. Why was it that sometimes I coordinated well with her and sometimes not? It was mainly because I didn’t let go of my attachments completely. I didn’t truly think of others first.

Regarding my coordination, I should force myself to let go of human attachments and tolerate and cooperate with others as much as possible. That way the field will be righteous and harmonious. Creating one body is what’s most important. It doesn’t matter whose methods are used.

Therefore, I truly need to think of this other practitioner first. After I had this thought, my heart turned from cold to warm. Finally, my mind connected with the characteristic of the universe: Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

A new day is coming! I shall cultivate solidly.

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