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A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | April 7, 2013

[] Shen Yun is one of the forms Master uses to save sentient beings. It has earned respect and unprecedented praise from people across various regions. As a practitioner, I like Shen Yun even more because I know Master is directly involved and gods are helping as well for its successes. It is a superb performance because its inner meaning and compassionate energy far exceeds everyday people’s level. In addition to artistic appreciation, Shen Yun also improved my mind and body.

Compassion from Master

Since Shen Yun started 7 years ago, Master has made lots of efforts telling the truth to people and waking them up from this earthly world. Everyone came from heaven for the Fa and, despite lies spread by the CCP, we cannot have negative thoughts about the Fa; otherwise, we may be eliminated by history. In order to save more people, Master has waited and waited while sacrificing tremendously. We need to be more diligent so that more people can be saved.

Enlightenment from the dance

There was a history that 13 Shaolin Temple monks saved Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty, which was included in the Shen Yun performance this year. We know that Master was reincarnated into Li Shimin back then and Shaolin monks saved him for karmic relationship. Similarly, when Dafa is severely persecuted these days, we practitioners have the responsibility to assist Master so that everyday people will know the truth and be saved.

Monk Sha was a well-know character in Journey to the West. After demoted as a general in the heaven to the earthly world, he committed bad deeds that harmed people. When finding it difficult to capture Monk Sha, Sun Wukong (the Monkey King) took advantage of his weakness—liking beautiful girls—and caught him. Liking a beautiful girl is an attachment of the everyday people and gods have set up the rule of one wife for one husband. CCP proposed the sex freedom in order to destroy people and its leaders did committed many deeds like this. We practitioners cannot follow this; otherwise, we cannot cultivate well ourselves, let alone saving sentient beings.

From these programs, I also learned that we need to use wisdom when saving people. One of the programs was titled Celebrating the Harvest. In order to save more people, we need to open our mind and think of ways to better fulfil our vows.

One thing I noticed about this year’s programs was that many dances involved quick movements. This reminded me that, as the Fa-rectification period is concluding soon, we need to hurry up and save more people. Another feature is that the color of this year’s costumes is light and many of the costume are white. White, as we know, is a color that represents purity and innocence. I think that on the one hand practitioners have been becoming more and more pure; on the other hand, the innocence of Falun Dafa will be restored soon.

Prophecy of the Shen Yun programs

We know that, many ancient prophecies are very accurate and they were no long precise after Falun Dafa was introduced to the public. This was because Master is saving people and many of the things—including calamities—were rearranged. However, I noticed that Shen Yun programs, especially the last one of each season, were predictive and realized later on. This is because Master is on the top of all these.

The last program of 2011 Shen Yun performance was that, because the CCP persecuted Falun Dafa, a big tsunami came and it damaged many buildings and ruined the city. By then, Master came and with hand gestures drove the tsunami back. Then an earthquake accompanied with tsunami occurred in Japan in March 2011. I think Master already reduced the destruction to minimum since a prophecy in the past said majority of Japan would sink in the ocean. In the last year’s performance, due to CCP’s persecution, an explosion in the space caused many meteorites hitting the earth and damaged many buildings. As a huge meteorite was dashing towards the earth, Master came and pushed it away. The meteorite then exploded in the outer space. That was why there were no major calamities on the earth last year. Although astronomists predicted it was travelling towards the earth and people were getting panic, there was nothing severe happening in the end. The everyday society has many explanations on this. The truth is, had Mater not saved us, we would have been destroyed already.

The last program of this year’s Shen Yun performance is about the Tiananmen Square where Dafa practitioners validated the Fa amid the persecution. Then, with thunder and lightning, the ground tilted and shifted with gaps. The monument was struck in half and many building were destroyed as the sand storms came. Then, Master came and waved his hands. The sand storms were gone and the ground stopped sinking. Beijing is the government compound of CCP and it might be affected as CCP collapsed. However, there are many people in the city and they cannot be destroyed together with CCP. There is a rumour that the capital of China will be moved from Beijing to Xinyang City in Henan Province, indicating the CCP might have noticed something would happen. One of the programs was titled Return in Triumph. This reminds me that Dafa practitioners need to be diligent and work harder during the final steps of Fa-rectification period.

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