Miraculous Stories in Dafa Cultivation

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | April 11, 2013

[PureInsight.org] Dafa disciples all have great missions and have created many predestined relationships with Master in the course of reincarnating throughout history. As a result of having no predestined connection, I’ve never seen Master in the ordinary world. However, I’ve occasionally interacted and communicated with Master’s Law Bodies in other dimensions. In over ten years of Fa study and cultivation, I’ve seen Master’s great sacred and solemn image during times of painful tribulations and evil persecution. The feeling can only be described using Master’s words: “Behind the unbelievable wonders lies wrenching sorrow” (Hong Yin, “Who Dares Renounce Human Attachments?”).

My cultivation environment is extremely complex. The interpersonal relationships I sometimes face are also intricately complex. Perhaps it’s a result of historical grudges and deep karmic relationships. If there was no Dafa, it would be extremely difficult to purify oneself and come out of the red dust and the wicked turbid world detached. My character can be very low. I frequently study the Fa but do not always conduct myself by it. Sometimes I do not truly cultivate my heart and have very low requirements for myself, which results in exacerbated tribulations. Sometimes I can’t even surpass a tribulation, and afterwards I go back to my old ways—I don’t change myself deep inside. Master constantly uses fellow practitioners’ mouths to give me hints: “You must find the root of your notions when in a conflict!”, yet I become really annoyed and push back when hearing this. Now that I think about it, I’m really ashamed. Even so, Master has not let go of this none diligent disciple. Once when I became really angry after arguing with my family members, I walked on the streets while crying. In the haziness, I looked up towards the sky and saw Master’s enormous body wearing a yellow cassock sitting halfway in the sky looking at me with a very serious expression. I suddenly felt really ashamed that I let Master down and denied his compassionate salvation.

During the self-cultivation period I lived a turbulent lifestyle, constantly moving from one place to another. Three to five years after marriage I moved over ten times. In retrospect, it seemed almost like Milarepa building houses. Everything that happened was good; it was Master eliminating karma for me, working my body and tempering my will. Master was by my side. Sometimes I didn’t recognize him even when he was right across from me. When I felt lazy, I didn’t wake up in the morning to do the exercises. Once at around 3 AM, I dreamt that Master transformed into a relative who came next to my bed and shouted, “Wake up! The flight returning home is about to leave.” I saw that in the wilderness there was actually an airplane waiting for me… Ah! Master saw my laziness and used this to remind me to quickly cultivate to return to my home in the distant universe!

Every time I was in a good cultivation state and saved lots of sentient beings, Master always let me experience “unbelievable wonders.” Once while I was meditating I saw a large orchard. Those fruits were so huge and plump that they bent the branches. I took the milky white clouds (lots of fellow practitioners in other dimensions move on clouds) and floated onto a tree in the orchard. I saw lots of people below me holding baskets busy picking fruits. They looked very familiar and greeted me in a very cordial manner. I enlightened to the fact that Master was telling me to save more people in order to consummate and return to my rightful place.

In 2001 after the evil frenzied persecution had began, I was displaced to a small border town in the north. I rented a small rundown cottage that leaked cold air on all four sides. It was extremely shabby. I worked and clarified the truth to save people during the day and studied the Fa and exercised in the morning and at night. Although at the time I felt the difficulty of cultivation, it was really nothing in retrospect. With Master and the Fa nearby, I let Master arrange everything.

One night as I was sleeping heavily, I truly felt that I was meditating and my master soul left my body and went to heaven, entering an enormous world. That cosmic body was shrouded in fog with little scarlet flashing temples. There were many thick poles pointing skywards. I entered a temple and saw Master and a God sitting on a high platform smiling compassionately at me. I asked Master if I could cultivate to true fruition. Master didn’t respond and only pointed with a finger. I saw a very deep well appear next to me. Something that looked like a windlass with rolls of parchment dragged out several meters in length had every single Dafa disciple’s name clearly recorded with a check or an “x” next to it, without missing a single one. I went over and shook the parchment for a long time until I found my name with a check next to it. I excitedly said goodbye to Master. When I returned to the human world, my body had awakened. I then experienced a happiness that I had never before experienced in the human world. That marvelous feeling is truly indescribable.

In the spring of 2012, I saw Master again during a time of tribulation when evil was invading my body. The cosmic body I entered this time was even more enormous. It was also a beautiful realm shrouded in fog. Master was convening a Fa conference with the Gods. There were countless Buddhas, Daos, Gods, and heavenly beings spread on the ground listening to Master lecture Fa. It was very solemn and sacred; there was no way to describe it. As he lectured, Master said there was a female Buddha who hadn’t yet arrived and told me to go find her. I took the orders and rapidly flew away. I felt my body was also extremely enormous. Every step was tens of thousands of kilometers in the human world. I saw that female Buddha was also extremely large and solemn, wearing ancient clothing with yellow and green jewelry. She smiled at me, nodded in acknowledgment, and joined us in the Fa conference. She told me that she was once Master’s mother when he reincarnated in the human world.

That autumn, I saw Master again. This time was different from the previous times. My body and a fellow practitioner’s body were both shrunken. It was as if we had entered the nano-world, tens of thousands of times smaller than a grain of rice. Before me appeared a transparent milky tunnel that looked like a fiber optic cable. Beneath my feet appeared clouds in the shape of lotus flower petals that were also transparent and milky. Although the dimension was small, it was still a vast world. We followed this tunnel and rapidly flew into the distance, passing a few mountain ridges before descending. There was a cave between some pine and cypress trees, and the decorations inside the cave were very shabby. After entering, we saw Master sitting on a stone chair wearing a tuxedo. Master was writing atop a stone table and sang us a song that seemed to be one from Shen Yun and it sounded marvelous. I later enlightened to the fact that Master had created a dimension to hint at us to hand copy and study the more Fa to improve faster.

Although Master’s human body is outside of China, Master’s Law Bodies exist throughout every dimension in the cosmos. They are constantly watching over disciples, evolving Gong for disciples, and transforming disciples’ innate bodies. Only through dedication in assisting Master in Fa rectification and saving sentient beings and doing the three things well can disciples pay back a little bit of Buddha’s vast and mighty grace. Thank you Master!

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