The Lesson of Disrupting the Fa Must Be Learned

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | June 15, 2013

[] Around 1998, I saw the great law of Zhuan Falun at my colleague’s place. After borrowing the book and reading it, I felt it was what I had been painstakingly looking for and asked my colleague to get a copy. This was how I gained the Fa.

From the Fa, I learned that the entire great cultivation way requires both mind cultivation and exercises. As I was unable to find an exercise site nearby at that time, I just studied the Fa repeatedly without doing the exercises for quite a long time. This lasted until 1999 when, by chance, I eventually found an exercise site and only then was I able to formally enter into Dafa cultivation. From that point on, I went there regularly to do group exercises with everyone. The deepest impression that I had was that the energy field was very strong while doing group exercises and that the movements were really “following the mechanisms”. In my spare time, I went to the coordinator’s home to watch videos of Master teaching the Fa, study the Fa with the group, share cultivation experiences, and discuss how to conduct oneself according to the requirements of the Fa so as to be a true cultivator. Even now, after more than ten years, I still feel that this earlier period of time was the happiest in my life.

Unfortunately, good times don’t last long as the July 20th persecution came a few months later. That was when the evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party) began its insane persecution of Dafa. It was a time when the thick dark clouds of evil came rolling in, blotting out the sky and covering up the earth. At that time, I didn’t have a deep understanding of the Fa and thought this was only a test for cultivators to determine if their belief in Dafa was firm enough. I didn’t go out to validate the Fa like other practitioners did. Thus, I later lost contact with fellow practitioners and lagged behind in the Fa rectification process.

In a blink of an eye, it was 2006, and I had changed my job to my current company where I was able to access and learn how to use the internet and post articles. Once I met a fellow practitioner on QQ; he clarified the truth to me, and he sent me some software to break through the internet blockade. Able to break through the blockade, I browsed and read the Fa taught by Master after 7.20 the persecution. Only, then, did I realize that I had lagged behind for so long. Thus, I was eager to follow the Fa rectification process, and to do well the three things Dafa disciples should do, but I did not know how to do them well. Thus, I posted the truth clarification articles from into my QQ space. I also posted Master’s scripture Seek the Truth in my QQ signature, and I did modifications arbitrarily, thinking that my modifications to Master’s scripture could help sentient beings to understand it better. However, without realizing it, what I did was seriously undermining the Fa.

After the 2008 Olympics, the evil party started another round of persecution and the evil found me quickly through my IP address. Because I was not clear about the principles of the Fa and lacked righteous thoughts, I was sentenced to one year in prison by the local evil party’s law court. In detention, the old forces took advantage of a wrong thought I had, causing serious disease karma to appear on my body in the form of scabies. What a big lesson that was! Actually, it is not awful to make mistakes. What’s terrible is not admitting one’s fault and still thinking oneself to be correct instead. This can lead to one going further and further down the wrong path.

After coming out of the evil prison, compassionate Master awakened me through a revelation, which helped me to realize the serious mistakes that I had made. Master said in Awakening that “Disruption of the Fa takes many forms, of which unintentional disruption by disciples themselves is the most difficult to detect. Sakyamuni’s Buddhism began its deterioration in just this way and the lesson is profound.”

Dafa is solemn, and cultivation is solemn. I hope fellow practitioners can learn a lesson from my mistakes and not follow the same disastrous road. Fellow practitioners, be sure to be clearheaded. Just like a fellow practitioner once said in an experience sharing article: if we cannot turn round in time after doing some disruptive things to the Fa, we will end up destroying ourselves, even if the old forces do not persecute us for the endless sins that we made.

I have always felt that I do not cultivate well and understand things deeply. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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