Thinking from the Other Person’s Angle

Qian Zai Xue

PureInsight | June 15, 2013

[] Recently I encountered an incident and that made me truly comprehend the power of compassion.

This is what happened: this year our company appointed me to be stationed at an allied company. For business needs, my company appointed several people to do things directly related to the quality of the products from that company. I was in charge of coordinating on certain aspects of the production schedules. My responsibility was to report that company’s productions and product quality to my manager on time.

I made a mistake because I wasn’t completely familiar with the operation mode of that company. Due to the ten-day shift changes of workers in that company, workers in my company collected product samples every other hour and summated them every 12 hours. However when workers in that company changed shifts, their faculty secretly changed the 12-hour summation to 8-hour summation, and they slacked off the remaining eight hours. At the time I did not know that it was a secret arrangement among their workers and thought it was the factory rule instead. As a result, the faculty from my side followed their faculty and “slacked off” for eight hours. When the administrator from our main company found out, he was very unhappy and talked to me in a very unfriendly manner the next day. I felt very uncomfortable and really wanted to quit the job at the time.

I calmed down eventually and thought: this incident happened because I did not know they would do this and I did not think much of it. It therefore happened because I did not carry out my duty. I later called the person from the main company and admitted my mistakes on the job, and expressed an understanding of his angry reaction. My words were very kind during the conversation and so he did not say much.

On reflection, I realized my many human notions that appeared: attachment to fame and attachment of not wanting to be criticized. The notion of “whatever I say count” was formed at work over the past two years. These are all attachments that I must eliminate during cultivation. I think during clashes of human notions, as long as we treat everything with compassion and think from the other person’s angle, everything can be solved. Only when we cultivate ourselves well can we truly save people!

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