One Key Unlocks All Doors

Xiao Mei in Jilin Province, China

PureInsight | June 15, 2013


All the Buddha Statues Broke into Pieces

I used to cultivate as a lay Buddhist and I had never gained any crucial enlightenment there. In 1995, my mother gave me the book “Zhuan Falun” and told me that the book could save people. She said that as soon as I decided to learn the Fa from the book, I would be taken care of by Master. I understood that no heavenly deities are looking after human beings; none of the religions in this world are taking care of people anymore. Only Master has the power to take care of me. I sincerely took the book and started to read it seriously. The day I finished reading the whole book, Master cleansed my body for me. One day when I was doing the exercises, suddenly my mind went blank and I couldn’t remember anything at all. After I eventually woke up, I immediately realized that all my illnesses were gone. As a matter of fact, Master had removed all my illnesses while putting me into a coma-like state.

I didn’t like to walk too much. When I went out, I’d always ride on my bicycle. However, I lost two bicycles in two consecutive days. I didn’t become angry; I thought that maybe Master was giving me a hint that I should no longer rely on bicycles, so I decided to walk to work. I found that it was almost like flying when I was walking on the street; my body was as light as a leaf, as if there was nothing inside my body. I saw Falun spinning everywhere on my body. One day, when I was doing the standing stance exercise, I clearly saw a yin-yang image on my abdomen (it was a part of a Falun); it was busy adjusting my body. I also saw many Faluns spinning around in my house.

I decided to practice Falun Dafa solely, so I returned all my Buddhist scriptures to the temples. That same night, I had a dream. I was sitting on an airplane in the dream, flying towards some far-away distance. There were numerous Buddha statues on the airplane. Suddenly, all the statues broke into pieces, turning into useless dirt. This immediately reminded me of the phrase “The Four Great Elements have weathered away / And the old Fa is disintegrating” (7-8) from one of the Master’s poems in “Hong Yin Vol. II”.

I Saw Master’s Fashen Everywhere

In 1996, one fellow practitioner gave me a ticket to watch Master Li’s Fa lectures on video in a local auditorium. As soon as I got inside the building, I saw a ray of bright light rushing towards the middle of my eyes. After I finished watching the video and walked out of the auditorium, I suddenly saw Master’s Fashen everywhere. They were on the ceiling and on the walls. On Master Li’s picture, I also saw numerous Fashen that were placed layers upon layers against each other. At the same time, I saw one heavenly ladder. I even climbed onto the ladder, and when I looked down from the ladder, I found that the human world was filled with filth and evil.

Cultivating Through Hardship

I used to work in a paper manufactory, in the cafeteria. I prepared and made all the breads and noodles for the cafeteria. There was one food manager named Chen in my work unit whose husband was the factory director’s assistant. Chen basically managed everything in the cafeteria. Due to her husband’s close association to the executive team, Chen had a very strong temperament and everyone around was afraid of her. Prior to my cultivation in Falun Dafa, I had a very close relationship with Chen; we used to talk about almost everything, about our families and things of that nature. Right after I started to practice Falun Dafa, everything went very smoothly for me. However, one day, out of nowhere, Chen threw a terrible fit at me, calling me names and such. As soon as I tried to refute, my throat felt so coarse that I couldn’t even speak out. I immediately remembered Master Li’s words on how cultivators should deal with conflicts, that we should not fight back when caught in a fight, or shout back when being yelled at. I said to myself: I shouldn’t lower myself to the same level as her; I will refrain from doing any fighting in return. I started to recite Master’s articles titled “What is Forbearance (Ren)?” and “True Cultivation” (Both articles are available in the book of “Essentials for Further Advancement”). I was hoping that Chen would stop her fit if I kept reciting the articles. However, Chen became even angrier towards me. The situation got even worse and there was clearly an indication that it was going to escalate, that Chen was going to create even more trouble for me.

Chen started to ask me to do those tasks that were obviously not part of my duties. When some other people offered a hand to help me, Chen refused such help altogether; she simply pinned me down and demanded that I myself finish those jobs. I was asked to clean up dirty stuff, and all the physically demanding jobs were assigned to me. Strangely enough, during those days when I was under such an enormous pressure already, there were even more people coming to the cafeteria to eat. Even workers from other branches came to visit the main factory and dined at the cafeteria. There were so many dishes to wash, and I was asked to pick up every single plate from the cafeteria and wash those plates one by one. I kept working continuously without any break. Some of the employees knew me and when they noticed that I had such a busy schedule, they would bring their dishes to the kitchen sink so that I didn’t have to go and pick them up from the dining hall. Chen noticed it and told those people to stop doing that. She told those employees that I was on a rehab and no one should get close to me. After eating an apple, Chen would throw the apple kernel on the floor I was walking on, and proceed to shout at me with whatever dirty words she could think of. When I tried to go home after work, Chen even tried to stop me at the door. When I went out, Chen followed and continued to yell at me and asked me to stop. Chen then ran to me, grabbed my long hair, and started to beat me. Throughout all these tribulations, I kept smiling back to Chen; I never said a single word nor did I ever fight back.

I was very afraid of little bugs. Chen knew that. On several occasions, Chen got a couple of big caterpillars and put them inside the room where I prepared the flours to try to frighten me. I was also very afraid of killing live chickens; I am especially frightened by the bloody scene that arises after a chicken is just killed. Chen would then throw a half killed chicken that was still kicking into my room in an attempt to scare me to death.

In my factory, many workers often stole papers and brought them home. Everybody knew it; everybody had already gotten used to it. Chen once asked me to go to the work shop and steal some papers for her. I refused and Chen began to punish me for my refusal. She asked me to use a cart to move logs under a scorching sun, a job I was not supposed to do at all. Chen also asked to prepare extra flour. She would then sell off all of the pancakes that I cooked before dining time. When workers came to have lunch, there were no pancakes available and I had to make them again. I had to make more pancakes, almost double the usual amount, and this kind of workload placed an enormous amount of pressure on me. Whenever the factory was giving out free things, most of the time I was not given a single thing. Alternatively, if I did get something, the things I got were always not that good at all.

So, in this way, Chen had been giving me a very hard time for more than a year. Gradually, I got rid of all my complaints—my feelings of being treated unfairly. I didn’t develop any hatred towards her. On the other hand, I began to feel sorry for and very compassionate towards her. One day, Chen grabbed my hair and beat me for no reason. The next day, Chen was seriously hurt on her way to work. She stepped on a pile of broken glass, which cut the soles of her feet; her feet were covered in blood and she had to stay at home. Many people said that Chen had received her punishment at last for her brutal treatment of me. However, I didn’t delight at all over Chen’s incident. I said to myself, “Chen, I am sincerely indebted to you; I thank you very much!” After I developed this mentality, I began to notice that Chen changed her attitude towards me completely. She stopped yelling at me and didn’t give me a hard time anymore. One day while on our way to work, Chen took my hand and said to me: “You are such a nice person. I don’t understand why I treated you so badly. I really do not understand why. I am terribly sorry for that!” She burst into tears and I cried as well. In a few days, Chen was transferred to another work unit.

One Key Can Open All the Doors

People often say that one key can only open one door. However, I had an experience where I used one key to open all the doors. After Chen was transferred away, my cultivation was again on a smooth path. I felt that my cultivation energy was rising daily. I was always very early to work in the morning. One day, I got to the cafeteria a little earlier than usual and I went to the food warehouse to try to pick up some rice to prepare for breakfast. There was no one at the warehouse yet. Since I didn’t have the key to the warehouse, I thought, “Why don’t I try using my house key to see whether or not it can open the warehouse door.” To my surprise, I opened the door with my key. When I got into the warehouse, there were some more rooms to open, and I used the same key to open them all. There were all kinds of material in the warehouse; one could easily take whatever one wanted for oneself. However I didn’t have any intention of doing that; I just fetched some rice and left.

Everything Has Its Own Spirituality

During one particular period of time, I noticed that items on pictures and the flowers on my quilts all appeared to be alive. They didn’t seem to be just one dimensional at all. They all appeared on a three dimensional space, looked like real flowers, and yet were much more beautiful than the flowers drawn on the pictures or weaved on the quilts. Of course, ordinary people would not be able to see such things. I also noticed that the water on a picture was able to flow freely, the bird was able to sing, the people were able to speak, and I could sense a breeze under the tree.

I also noticed that whenever we make a stroke with our brushes on paper, the stroke would move by itself. The color of the stroke was different for different people. Some strokes appeared darker—this always indicated that the person who made the stroke carried a lot of karma. Those with less karma had brighter strokes, but these strokes were also grayish. When a practitioner made a stroke, the stroke would appear very shiny—some of them were extremely bright.

Master Li says in Zhuan Falun: “…it doesn’t matter how good or bad your handwriting is, they’ll have energy!” Master Li also mentions in Zhuan Falun: “Some people’s comprehension just doesn’t improve. Some folks just go and start marking up this book of mine. Now, those of us with open Third Eyes can see that this book is full of dazzling colors, and sparkling with golden light, and every word is in my Law Body’s image. If I lied I’d be cheating you, so I’ll tell you: the marks you make are so dark, and you dare to just mark it up like that?” Indeed, every word from Master’s book is true.

Trees Greeted Me

There used to be several very tall trees in the front of my father’s house. People asked my father to cut down the trees and promised to give my father 20 Chinese yuan for each felt tree. When I heard of it, I hurried back to my father and told him to stop doing that. He stopped, and when I looked at the trees again, I saw that those trees were all cheerfully greeting me and smiling back at me, clapping their branches. Later on, however, those remaining trees were still cut down and removed by the evil CCP.

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