The Importance of Achieving Substantial Tolerance

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | June 19, 2013

[] Our paradises, our real bodies and our side that has succeeded in cultivation are all perfect and flawless. But this earthly side of humanness has very little ability, is foolish, and is attached to the illusions of this world without enlightening.

Yesterday I did not guard my xinxing well and spoke out of anger without giving myself time to exercise Tolerance or choose the right words. Later, while in tranquility during the fifth exercise, my main consciousness went back to the Heavenly Court and saw Master. As I was reflecting upon this incident, I heard the clearness and resonance of Master’s message in my mind. Instead of blaming me, Master instead let me understand some ideas. He pointed out that I should put more effort into “Tolerance” and substantially achieve it. If my heart is already moved, I should control my mouth and not say hurtful words. Later I will learn to control my mind and not let my mind move.

Master said in Zhuan Falun: “At one time monks took these things very seriously, and that’s because they knew they’d make karma with one move of thought. That’s why they taught about ‘body, mouth, mind.’ They talked about minding the body, which meant that a person shouldn’t do bad things; by minding the mouth, they meant that you should be silent; and by minding the mind, they meant that you shouldn’t even think about something.”

Master let me see that when I lose my temper, the sentient beings in my world are all crying; my paradise shows imbalance between positivity and negativity, a lack of adjustment between yin and yang, chaos of order, and great loss of peaceful qi. The most heartbreaking part I saw was that the hands of the Immortal Infant of my true body were covered with blood. He remained in the position similar to “Holding Falun on Both Sides of the Head” during the second exercise. The blood in his two hands was flowing down along his arms and it was very similar to human blood.

Once, because I did not guard my xinxing during a test, I became very angry and lost my temper which caused my Immortal Infant to be greatly injured. I was very fortunate that my mistake this time was not too bad, and that the body of my Immortal Infant was able to endure it. It did not reach the extent of my Paradise sinking or result in a drop of my level.

My Immortal Infant was listening to Master’s instructions, during which he let the blood on his hands flow. He did not wipe it or look at it, instead he quietly endured it. How sorrowful! Whenever I think about this, I feel extremely heartbroken and remorseful.
My Immortal Infant in other dimensions is immutable, unmoving, perfect, and flawless. I have never seen how any life of the old forces is able to move him.

In the past the old forces even pleaded to Master to give them a chance, saying they would prove to Master that if Master did not protect me, they thought that I would betray Master immediately; they said they only wanted one chance, and that it would be enough for Master to see my disloyalty.

As a result, my Immortal Infant was on the verge of losing his life from a trick of the old forces. I decided to let them remember who I am, and that we are not the monkeys they think we are. They woke up quickly, just as if from a dream. The years of the universe have been too long and drawn out; so much so that there are many things even they themselves have forgotten. We are Dafa disciple’s, and our roots are planted deep in the cosmos by Master.

However, my Immortal Infant was injured and was bleeding continuously because my human side did not guard my xinxing this particular time; because of my anger, he was facing the risky situation of being shrunk. It was very fortunate that the mistake I made was not fundamental. Otherwise, it would really be as though that one missed step would cause me a-thousand-year long regret.

Because of Master’s immeasurable support and Benevolence, countless champions appear in my Heavenly Court. There are armies of generals and soldiers numbering in the millions who are both courageous and wise. In my Paradise, pavilions, open halls, and temples abound, and all of the heavenly beings there have ever-lasting lives.

However, everything we have is based on the results of countless experiences of large and small xinxing trials in our daily lives; everything is based on the results of whether we pass or fail tests in the face of various tribulations that take place in our human lives, and a lot depends on the degree of my diligence. The true manifestation of my xinxing and my true behavior during different tribulations can even decide the growth or shrinkage of my Immortal Infant. It can even decide a cultivator’s level and/or position in the future.

A mistake, failure, being shaken, or relaxing can all result in the dropping of one’s levels and a reduction of one’s cultivation achievements; if more severe, they can even cause all of one’s cultivation achievements to be destroyed in one moment.

Because of the ignorance of my flesh body, the foolishness of my human mind, and the insubstantiality of my xinxing, at the crucial moment, I forgot that I was a Dafa practitioner and forgot the principles of the Fa that Master has taught me. I’m really ashamed to face Master’s compassionate, painstaking salvation!

Fellow practitioners, how should we strictly regard our cultivation? How can we truly be responsible to ourselves? Cultivation is very serious. As cultivators, we should always strictly require of ourselves to act according to the principles that Master has taught us, guard our xinxing during trials, and not let down respected Master’s painstaking protection.

Based on what I have seen at my limited level with my personal understanding, I have composed this article to give myself a stick wake-up. Fellow practitioners, please regard my experience as a grave warning, like an alarm bell that rings without letting up.

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