Self-Examination After Sharing with Fellow Practitioners

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | January 21, 2018

[] Recently, I have been sharing more with fellow practitioners. Here is my self-examination after that.


1. The Motive and Mindset of Sharing

Cultivators’ sharing should be to improve together based on the Fa. However, sometimes it becomes an opportunity to trumpet themselves and teach others.

The most common situation is to “help” practitioners in a bad cultivation state. If this is done with a condescending manner, how could a fellow practitioner acknowledge it?

Personally, I do not think sharing is an excuse for us to guide other practitioners and promote our own understanding. That is being irresponsible to all of us. We should truly be kind to others and place ourselves equal to other fellow practitioners. Then we might be able to truly understand them and improve ourselves together based on the Fa.

2. Do Not Share with the Intention of Denying Others

When a practitioner mentions an idea, many practitioners deny it immediately without first judging based on the Fa. They would feel happy if they could deny; otherwise they would be upset. It happened almost all the time in my sharing experience.

How bad it was! Personally, I disagree with this behavior even if some practitioners’ comments or actions are obviously not based on the Fa. Instead, we should analyze their problem carefully and try to harmonize it.

3. We Should Respect Dafa When Sharing

While sharing, we often mention the Fa without enough respect. The Fa is extremely sacred, not like an aphorism. We should respect it from the bottom of our hearts.

4. Sharing Should be Based on a Better Understanding of the Fa

A fellow practitioner argued with other practitioners for a while because he could not balance his personal cultivation with Fa-verification. Eventually, the evil exploited this loophole of his.

For example, one of their viewpoints was that Fa-validation should come after better self-cultivation. The other one said self-cultivation should occur during the process of validating the Fa. They always separated “doing” from “cultivation”. I remembered Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Matter and mind are one and the same.” For me, doing was an action, and cultivation was an expression of mind. They are not able to be separated. Any idea about separation would go to extremes. We should treat circumstances according to our own conditions. For example, a fellow practitioner in a bad cultivation state could not improve his Xinxing. It would be irrational to push him to do Fa validation work. There would not be a good effect if we only did something for Dafa without self-cultivation. In that case, we should study the Fa well to adjust ourselves. It is not true cultivation if we use cultivation as an excuse without action. Otherwise, it would be an ordinary person doing things.

In many cases, taking the Fa out of context during Fa study results in errors and biases in understanding and action. We should not take out different words from the Fa as an excuse to discuss. I saw this occur often. Master already clarified it clearly in “Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia”.

5. Sum up Experiences and Lessons Through Sharing to Improve Ourselves Continually

Personally, I do not want to persuade others because it is not sharing but instead promoting our own opinions.

Each cultivator has his or her own lessons in the process of cultivation. We can learn a lot through sharing.

6. Truly Be Considerate of Others While Sharing

Our time together should be cherished. We should show our sincerity and kindness through sharing by respecting each other and being considerate of others to analyze problems. While sharing, we should pay more attention to our tone, eyes, gestures, posture and so on.

I hope our sharing can let us cultivate diligently together.


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