What Are the Manifestations of the Old Forces?

Zhong Ming

PureInsight | July 15, 2002

Master Li talked about old forces many times in his lectures. Based on Dafa principles, we know that the old forces are factors that hinder Fa-rectification and they will be eliminated during the course of Fa-rectification. What are the manifestations of old forces?

In the beginning, I thought that the old forces were those evil factors that tried to cause damage to Dafa and had nothing to do with me. Later on, after studying Master's new articles and reading experience sharing articles of other practitioners posted on the Clearwisdom website, I knew that our Dafa practitioners' own attachments and selfishness were also arranged by old forces. The expression of old forces not only exists externally but also in our bad thoughts and notions.

Recently, I myself had clearer understandings towards what the old forces are. Here I want to share my thoughts with fellow practitioners. If there are any inappropriate words, please point them out.

My understanding is that old forces are those degenerated and impure factors after lives in the universe deviated from Fa during a long period of time. When Master rectifies Fa, those factors will be eliminated. However, those factors themselves are also alive. Since they want to save themselves, they will resist, reject and even attempt to damage and interfere with Fa-rectification. The degenerated, impure factors exist in both our internal and external environment. Therefore, when we are affected by selfishness and attachments, our behavior and Xinxing are similar to bad manifestations of old forces during Fa-rectification and they are at the same level.

My own experience in the past was that I always felt that my understanding of the Fa was pretty good. I talked about many of my understandings incessantly when I shared experiences with other fellow practitioners. I could detect my fellow practitioners' slightest attachments. Unfortunately, my own xinxing level was very low. I could not tolerate others' attachments and even had a feeling of dislike towards them. At that time, I did not know that this attitude was wrong. I felt that I had very good insight into others' attachments since I understood Fa so well. Later on, I knew that it was because the capacity of my own heart was not big enough. Recently, I was even more shocked to find my attitude towards other fellow practitioners was very similar to attitude of old forces towards Dafa disciples.

As a matter of fact, the ability to see others' attachments and problems cannot represent whether the person cultivates well or his cultivation level. Similarly, capabilities of knowing and saying many Fa-principles also does not represent whether one cultivates well. Old forces can see Dafa disciples' attachments very clearly. In addition, they also understand many Fa-principles and know to test Dafa disciples with those Fa-principles. Our attitudes and how we treat others when we see their attachments are very critical and reflect our own xinxing levels. The situation is just like how both Master Li and the old forces saw attachments of Dafa disciples and the loopholes in their cultivation However, Master Li's and the old forces' attitudes towards them are completely different. Old forces treat Dafa disciples' attachments with a picky and severely critical attitude mixed with gloating over others' misfortune. When they saw our attachments, they behaved just like what Master said in North America Lecture Tour: "They would say: 'This is your disciple? Do you think he sees you as his Master? Has he regarded himself as a cultivator? Does he have righteous thoughts? Has he put aside the thought of life and death? Has he remained solid and unshakable, like diamond?'" When the old forces saw our attachments, they only blamed and nitpicked at us. At the same time, they felt dissatisfied with us. They did not endure anything for us. Such behavior just reflects their xinxing level.

Among our fellow practitioners, when we cannot tolerate each others' attachments or when we only stress someone's attachment and ignore his merits, when we have a completely negative impression of someone just because of his attachments, our behavior reflects the xinxing level of the old forces.

By studying Master's recent articles, we know that Dafa disciples, as an entity, still have many loopholes in our xinxing and many attachments. We have not done very well in many aspects. Master saw this clearly and also pointed it out. Then why did Master always say that Dafa disciples were great and marvelous in many of his lectures? Why did Master affirm our achievements over and over again? Here is my understanding. Although we have many attachments, Master treasures our genuine hearts for cultivation, and our courage of cultivating Dafa firmly when facing tribulations. Master also considers that it is not possible for us to get rid of all attachments formed during samsara of our different lifetimes in one day. Therefore, Master is considerate of the difficulties and suffering we meet when we go through the tribulations during our cultivation. Master often gave us lectures according to the problems we encounter during cultivation and considered things from our perspective. But what the old forces do is just the opposite. When they saw Dafa disciples were enduring and suffering, they thought it should be like this and kept their focus on the things that disciple did not do very well. They ignored the greatness of Dafa disciples only because of the existence of some small problems, imposed huge tribulations on disciples and constantly forced disciples to endure all kinds of tribulations. They are stubborn, rigid, numb and never considerate of disciples.

Therefore, I think we should consider fellow practitioners with a kind and tolerant heart. We should keep our focus more on others' merits and more on what others do well, and we should be more considerate of others' difficulties. When we see others' attachments, we should not treat them with a complete negative attitude but be considerate of them and be understanding towards them. We should maintain our peaceful minds after pointing out others' attachments out of goodwill. After that, we should give others sufficient time to improve themselves during cultivation.

The xinxing problems of old forces I mentioned above happened to me and other fellow practitioners around me. I want to expose them, which will allow us to clearly know they are one of the old forces' arrangements. This will give them no place to hide among Dafa disciples.

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