On "Tolerance"

A Japanese Practitioner

PureInsight | July 16, 2002

"Tolerance" is a virtue. It is a manifestation of compassion in human society, and it brings peace and harmony to the human world. As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I understand that our Master has set a higher standard for us, which is "immense tolerance." I feel that "immense tolerance" is part of the true nature of enlightened beings.

Today's human society follows the principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition. Where there are those who believe, there are those who disbelieve; where there is advocacy, there is opposition; where there is righteousness, there is evil. For example, when parents want to educate their children to be good persons, some of them think they have to scold or even beat the children. Ironically, good intentions end up leading to vicious methods.

We Dafa practitioners in the period of Fa rectification also reveal our unkind side sometimes. For example, when there are arguments among practitioners, sometimes we think we ourselves are right and others are wrong, and we try our best to insist upon our own opinions, hoping that others will agree with our ideas. When this attachment gets serious, there can be arguments or even quarrels among practitioners. During these times, big egos, notions, emotions, human logic, and demon nature all occupy our minds.

Only with a broad mind can we achieve a high level of tolerance. Humans are lost in a maze, and therefore what they can see and what they think are quite narrow. Naturally, their capacity for tolerance is very limited. Our ancestors described a broad-minded person as "one whose heart is big enough for a boat to sail in." As Dafa practitioners, we have in our hearts immense universes, cosmic bodies, and countless sentient beings. We definitely should not be narrow-minded.

Through cultivation practice over the years, every one of us has cultivated to some level in the Fa and understood the principles of that level. It is natural that what we have enlightened to is different. No matter how high a level we have enlightened to, if they are expressed in human language, the meaning will be changed. Because we have attachments that we haven't been able to discard, we still have degenerated notions and human logic that we haven't noticed. All these things, combined with the desire to show off, jealousy, the attachment of complacency, and so on, can cause conflicts and problems among practitioners, no matter how good our starting point is.

Every true cultivator has an enlightened side. We should keep righteous thoughts at every minute and let our "enlightened, original nature" guide our behavior. We shouldn't surrender ourselves to our remaining demon nature. Otherwise, we could create, spread, and exacerbate problems and conflicts, which could unknowingly affect the process of Fa rectification and the salvation of sentient beings. During the past few days, when I sensed that I had been thinking of others' wrongdoings or shortcomings, I just repeated to myself the words "immense tolerance." After a while, I found that my heart became a lot calmer.

As the author and the first reader of this article, when I came to this stage of the writing, I suddenly realized that this article has actually been written for myself as the audience. I couldn't hold back my tears and cried out…

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