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PureInsight | July 22, 2002

After reading Master's article (Comments on the Article "Some Ideas From Discussions Among Students Who Have Participated in the Sit-In Appeals in Front of the Chinese Embassies and Consulates"), I could not help thinking about Yue Fei and his troops. Even after eight hundred years, what makes this story so powerful and memorable for the Chinese?

It was Yue Fei's spirit and noble character that inspired his troops. Yue's men observed strict military discipline and did not commit the slightest offence against civilians. The soldiers would rather endure the torments of hunger than interfere with ordinary people. They often slept outside on the street, rather than occupying people's houses. They woke at dawn. The town folk would give them breakfast. In return, the troops would do the wash-up and then leave. They were lauded as a group who would "rather freeze to death than invade and occupy a house, and rather starve to death than pillage residents."

This code of conduct terrified the Chin Dynasty's mighty army. They lamented, "It is easier to shake a mountain than Yue's troops." This made a lot of people burst into tears, as his army was moving out. It also inspired innumerable people, ignoring their personal safety and that of their families, to fearlessly voice their protests, calling for his name to be cleared after he was thrown into prison on trumped up charges. Zong Zhengqing, of the imperial family, gathered more than one hundred people to put their lives on the line to ask for the release of Yue Fei. Commoners like Liu Yunsheng and Kui Shun, a prison guard, did everything they do to help Yue Fei. It was his conduct that made the story of Yue's army so famous throughout history, leaving future generations and the Chinese culture a bright example of justice, loyalty and righteousness.

"With Teacher guiding the voyage, the Fa saves all beings,
One sail is hoisted, one hundred million sails follow."
(From "The Knowing Heart" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)
During this great period of the Fa-rectification of the cosmos, Master tells us, "As your Teacher, throughout all these years of teaching the Fa, I have always done things with a sense of responsibility to the society and its people." (Comments on the Article "Some Ideas From Discussions Among Students Who Have Participated in the Sit-In Appeals in Front of the Chinese Embassies and Consulates"). As disciples, we must strive to be worthy of being Master's disciples and magnificent Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.

Master teaches us, "What history has bestowed upon Dafa disciples are all the most magnificent things. At present, all that you are doing is the most sacred, all that you are doing is for the sentient beings, and all that you are doing is creating the future.

"In history's past, you brought to humankind the splendor it should have; in history's present, Dafa has bestowed upon you the mission of saving all sentient beings; in history's future, everything of yours that is pure and righteous will be what ensures that the colossal firmament has formation and stasis, but not destruction. Walk your paths well. The beings who are saved are to be your sentient beings. All that you do establishes all that you will consummate." (Congratulatory Statement to the New York Fa Conference) Master has not only been giving his all in order to save sentient beings, but has also been setting an example for the world. Master says, "I have not only taught you Dafa, but have also left you my demeanor." (From "Clearheadedness" in Essentials for Further Advancement) Master sets an example for us by thinking of others first. He teaches us to be "…full of great aspirations while minding minor details." (From "Sage" in Essentials for Further Advancement)

During His "Lecture at the Conference in Singapore" in 1998 Master taught us by his example as well as by verbal instruction. He dressed neatly and taught us, "This is because the conduct of each student in everyday people's society represents the image of Falun Dafa. Isn't that right? If we don't conduct ourselves well, we'll undoubtedly tarnish Dafa's image, and it couldn't be said that we're harmonizing the Fa."

Master mentioned the differences between eastern and western cultures at the "Lecture at the Western United States Fa Conference" in February 1999. Master illustrated with an example of letting a door slam, reminding us to pay attention to cultural issues and establishing a good demeanor in western society.

In March 2002, Master gave Fa lectures around North America, informing us of the magnificent mission and responsibility that history has bestowed upon Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. "The things Dafa disciples are met with are all really significant." (From Touring North America to Teach the Fa)

During "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston" in March, Master reminded us, "If we're careless [with our conduct], then there's a good chance we'll cause losses as a result of our conduct not conforming to the Fa. So we really have to pay attention to these things."

In April 2002, Master released the poem "Dafa is Good," telling both heavens and human society that Dafa is "Gradually entering the human realm."

In May 2002, "Blessings from Dafa" was released, announcing, "The Fa-rectification of the human world is on the verge of arriving. The world's sentient beings will [strive to] repay the saving grace of Dafa and Dafa disciples." Master is so compassionate to all sentient beings in the cosmos. Master puts infinite hope in us during this unique Fa-rectification period. As Master's disciples, we should demonstrate Dafa Disciples' impeccable demeanor to everyone.

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