Remembering Master Teaching the Fa in Guiyang

PureInsight | May 13, 2007

[] Master taught
a class in Guiyang on August 15, 1993. It was an eight day class. In
order to ease the burden for all participants, Master shortened it from
ten days to eight days. The class was held in an auditorium of Guiyang
Medical School.  This was the second time. The registrants were
many fold more than the first time. The auditorium and the walkways
were full of people.

Practitioner A said excitedly, "I heard, many years ago, that a qigong
master with great virtue would spread the Buddha Fa and offer salvation
to people on earth." A colleague of mine who had attended the earlier
class told me, "Master Li is going to teach another class in Guiyang.
Falun Gong is different from any other qigong. This gong not only helps
our bodies becoming healthy but also purifies our souls, so don't miss
this rare opportunity!"

I was looking for a Master who had great virtue and, after hearing my
colleague's remark, I knew that I had to overcome any difficulty to
attend the class. I bought the ticket and walked into the auditorium.
My first impression of Master was that he was truly
extraordinary.  There were lights from various colorful rings
above Master's head. I was so excited that I finally found someone for
whom I had been waiting a long time. When Master walked down the
podium, several of us surrounded Master and asked to be his disciples.
Master told us amicably that there was no need to go through the
ceremony and he would be responsible for us like disciples as long as
we would solidly cultivate.  We all felt so much better after
hearing that.

The following days, I saw Master sending out numerous Falun rotating in
the air, some cleansing the field and some adjusting our bodies. 
I also saw Master's huge gong column going up and many Buddhas and Daos
kneeling down above the auditorium while listening to the Fa. Some
practitioners saw a huge Falun rotating above their own roofs and a
protecting shield below the Falun.  We were curious and asked
Master about these matters. Master answered with a smile," Your third
eyes are open and that is a good thing. But don't be attached to it."

During the lecture, Master told us to stamp our feet so he could adjust
our bodies. Master also told us to think of our sick relatives. I
thought about my sick mother.  My eighty year old mother not only
suffered from high blood pressure but also from acute retinal necrosis
so severe that she was almost blind. When I got home, a miracle

Mother said, "Something strange happened tonight.  There were many
colorful round wheels flying in the house. Suddenly I felt something
grabbing at my heart and I felt much better afterward. I have no pain
and could sleep well." I told my mother that my Master had adjusted her
body and gotten rid of her illnesses.  My mother was so grateful
and studied the Fa and recited Hong Yin later by herself.

Practitioner B added:  Master had agreed to have a photo session
with practitioners after the previous class was over.  Master was
always smiling and followed practitioners to their desired locations
for pictures.  Afterwards, Master took practitioners to climb a
mountain, chose a suitable location, and cleared the environment for a
practice site. Master reminded everyone to cherish the rare opportunity
and Guizhou Province was a good place for cultivation.

The practice site Master chose attracted many people from other
provinces. Sometimes there were thousands of people doing the exercises
there.  Many practitioners saw Master's huge law body guarding the
exercise site as well as a huge rotating Falun and a protecting shield.

Some practitioners got up from their meditations and saw negative
energy all over the ground. Some practitioners could only meditate for
half an hour and others, more than one hour. After the exercises, they
felt very light and energetic. There were many practice sites like
that. Many practitioners were very steadfast even though they had to
get up very early and came from far away to practice in the location of
Master's choice.  Furthermore, Master has been watching
practitioners and reminding them to be diligent.

Something occurred over the Chinese New Year in 1994.  One
practice site declared the days as rest for the ordinary people's
holiday. Surprisingly, nothing bypassed Master.  The coordinator
in Guizhou received a call from Master, "Are practitioners in your area
having days off from practicing over the holidays?"  The
practitioner who declared the days off recalls that incident now and
regrets it tremendously.  He feels that he was low in
enlightenment and had not lived up to Master's compassionate salvation
for us.

Currently, Minghui Radio Station, through a satellite, broadcasts the
exercise music at 3:50AM every morning. Master said, in "Fa Teaching at
the 2007 New York Fa Conference," "This should be a good thing. I need
to see what the final result would be." Many practitioners understand
that exercising in the morning is Master's arrangement for
practitioners to meet the tidal wave of Fa-rectification and to move
forward. Our mutual understandings are that after seven years of
persecution, practitioners who have overcome all the adversity by
believing in Master and the Fa, have taken a great risk and have been
doing what is being said in "Assisting the Fa," "And assist Master as
he journeys this human world; Come now, and help me turn the Falun," We
should also overcome our attachment to comfort and be diligent. 
Wake up and do what Master requires of us! We are going to become the
new enlightened beings!  Fellow practitioners, let's cherish this
golden opportunity and together diligently move forward! And Master is
watching us!

Practitioner C said that he had been emotionally deeply hurt since he
was little and his relative often reprimanded him.  As a result,
he was very depressed and almost committed suicide.  Once he heard
someone who had attended the class say that Falun Gong would help one
to gain not only physical health but also spiritual perfection,
broad-mindedness, and noble character.  Thus, he rushed to the
Guiyang class.  After eight days of lectures, he was so astonished
that he understood that without the restraint from the principles of
truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance, his soul was lost. To
assimilate to the Buddha Fa, nurture one's mind with it, and facilitate
the changes in one's essence, one can ensure oneself a bright
future.  Once we understand these universal principles, we are
determined to solidly cultivate, look inwards consistently, and get rid
our all attachments, so we can then return to our true selves and live
a splendid life.  That is truly a homecoming.  

I was low in enlightenment in the beginning. One day, before the
lecture started, some participants were fighting to sit on the chair
that Master had sat on the day before. The minute I sat down on it,
Master appeared right in front of me and asked me seriously to get off
the podium. Master reminded us that we needed to solidly cultivate in
order to gain and sitting on that chair would not do us any good.
Master also said that whenever he gave the lectures, his strong gong
would be everywhere.

Whenever I thought about that, I was deeply ashamed. Later, many people
asked Master for his autograph. I was only holding my book and standing
farther away.  I was afraid to move closer, but Master signed my
book. Some people came in late without buying a ticket and sneaked in,
but Master also knew about it.  Master said that buying half a
ticket would be fine. It was such effort for our salvation, but we
still gave Master so much unnecessary trouble! Master cherishes
everyone and is always very considerate to others.  He has left us
with a wonderful example of being selfless and egoless.

Practitioner D said, with tears in the eyes, that he was so fortunate
to hear Master teaching the Fa.  He liked to sit close to the
podium, so he could hear better. However, He fell asleep every time the
lecture was being given. No matter how hard he tried, he could not stay
awake. Later he learned that Master put him in the state because he had
a heart problem and a head injury from before. He did not miss one bit
and heard everything.  Master also opened his third eye for him.
He saw the seven color light circle and many other wonderful scenes
from other dimensions. Thus he was very grateful and had tremendous
respect for Master.

I was not very diligent. In addition, I was attached to comfort and
could not let go of many human notions.  I could not use the Fa to
measure things and had a hard time maintaining my xinxing.  For
example, during the class, when I saw someone ask Master for autograph,
I would follow.  Master said to me seriously that every word in
this book is my law body or Falun so why do you want my signature? When
I saw others shake hands with Master, I was guarding the door and
waiting for Master.

Even worse, in the path of cultivation, I stumbled badly. One time, I
went to a place where I used to meditate while practicing other qigong.
Suddenly, the dark clouds rolled in accompanied by lightening, and
thunderbolts. A strong wind almost blew the roof off.  I was so
scared that I realized that Master had told us to practice only one
cultivation way.  However, I was doing the wrong thing. I told
Master that I was wrong and begged him for his forgiveness. I said,
"Master, please don't let the evil spirit destroy me!"  

Immediately after I said that, the thunder and rain stopped. The evil
spirit followed me home and often interfered with my practice. I
sincerely asked Master for his help and saw a bundle of light piercing
the spirit.  That was the end of the evil spirit.  After that
experience, I realized that cultivation is a very serious matter! Once
our thoughts and actions deviate from the Fa, they will comply with the
evil.  In this way, we may bring a huge disaster upon
ourselves.  The purpose of the old forces is to take advantage of
our gaps and ruin us cultivators.  Therefore, when we solidly
believe in Master and the Fa and walk on the path that arranged by
Master, we are truly walking on the safest path of returning to our
true selves.

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