Only a Diligent Cultivation Environment Can Drive Everyone Improving Together as a Group

A Dafa Practitioner from Taiwan

PureInsight | May 13, 2007


I. Cultivate Diligently and Follow the Fa-Rectification Process Closely

A diligent cultivation environment is made with everybody's effort. For
coordinators or for individual practitioners, problems coming out in
the process of each project are all cultivation problems. They could be
due to the lack of a diligent cultivation environment, and also because
of this, one may not be able to stay closely with the Fa-rectification

Awhile ago I had some deep sharing with several fellow practitioners in
the Internet team. There was a fellow practitioner who was working on
technical issues. For a long period of time he did not have any
breakthroughs. When he talked he was full of remorse. During the
sharing we just found out that he was too relaxed in cultivation. He
had not been doing exercises for a long time, and rarely studied the
Fa. When tribulations came he could not pass them, and sometimes he was
almost in the state of "cultivating alone." Then, another fellow
practitioner who was always in touch with him started to remind him
every day to do the exercises, and encourage him to read Master's new
writings. Now, he is gradually back to a stable cultivation state.

As the number of the projects and the amount of work increases, it is
easy to slack off in studying the Fa and doing the exercises. I feel
quite fortunate that I have a very diligent cultivation environment.
This helped me with to keep a consistent cultivation state. But some
practitioners are probably too busy to join the group exercises or
group studies. Also the Internet teams have very little sharing
opportunities. So sometimes when a practitioner needs help, nobody
knows about it.

II. The Fa Has Very High Requirements for Practitioners

I did not know until I went to US several years ago, that when Master
led the practitioners doing construction, he always left the hardest
work for himself. For instance, in carrying the rocks, Master always
carried the ones that are biggest. Also I heard from some practitioners
who just came back from US, the Spectacular show performers was all
trained and instructed by the Master, and every day they practiced
until midnight. In the new writing the Master also mentioned it. My own
understanding is that as practitioners, we did not do a very good job,
so Master had to do it himself.

That time when I came back from US I had a better understanding of the
Fa principle that "The more the junior monk suffers, the easier it is
for him to achieve the Unlocking of Gong." For a couple of days I was
assigned to carry wood. I got so bored and always picked the smallest
pieces. I really didn't want to do the work, and used the excuse that I
was small and weak. But the practitioners who were working with me,
especially the ones from North America, all have high educational
background; and the ones that were older or smaller than me, all were
working very hard and all valued the opportunity. Compared with them,
my attachment to ease was totally exposed, and I felt so ashamed.

Before, I could only use microphone to clarify the truth. My excuse was
that I had no knowledge with computers. I didn't even want to learn how
to type. After coming back from the U.S., I deeply felt my
shortcomings. I spent time working hard on it and found out that there
are many practitioners that are experts around us. As long as we want
to learn, we can learn it very quickly.

III. We Can Learn a Lot from Fellow Practitioners on the Media Team

I feel that we can learn from fellow practitioners on the media team. I
was very touched in sharing with these practitioners. Now I'd like to
talk about a practitioner in the TV team, whom I know very well.

When all fellow practitioners were not able to continue with the work,
she insisted on doing it, without any complaining. She learned to
video-record, interview, compose speeches and cut videos. During the
sharing when they were looking for practitioners to help, whenever
there were any practitioners wanted to learn, she would teach them one
by one, until everyone learned it. She also arranged classes from time
to time so that fellow practitioners could quickly learned these
skills. I've seen a fellow practitioner who learned how to cut videos
within one week and was able take some work. Of course it was largely
due to the good assisting and teaching by this practitioner. When other
practitioners were halfway through something and it was late, she would
ask them to go rest, and she would continue working on them. When she
finished working it was usually late at night. I knew that there are
many fellow practitioners from the Internet team who are like this. I
hope they can share more on this, so that we all can "compare in
studying, and compare in cultivating."

About the Spectacular, when I saw many practitioners preparing the show
diligently, I was very touched. Fellow practitioners in the media team
took out and showed me a thick planning guide and I was shocked. They
told me that the requirement for reporting this show is very high.
There are specific requirements for both quality and quantity. They've
had many meetings to discuss the details. The media team has improved
together in an astonishing pace under the high requirements.

All the audience liked the show. Especially some who were professional
dancers  pointed out very seriously, but with smiles on their
faces, that they've never seen a show that is as beautiful as the

I watched the entire show. My emotion was beyond words. I was so
touched. Fellow practitioners on the stage and off the stage all became
one whole body and cooperated very well. All practitioners did their
best to make the Spectacular such a huge success. It became extremely
popular in Taiwan. Many people who watched the show went back and
advertised it for us, so that more and more people wanted to watch it.

Some practitioners on the media team mentioned that reporting
Spectacular was like an exam for them. If, in regular times, one had
not pushed himself to get to a professional level, then for such a big
gathering and so many VIPs to interview, it would be very hard to do it
well. They also said that they could have done better on the time
management. For me, I felt fortunate that I had the chance to
participate in helping out with the show, and it has given me a big
push to improve myself. To summarize, I learned three things:

1. Good preparation and coordination
beforehand are very important. So is cooperation among all
practitioners. Everyone together as a group has much greater power.

2. We must be strict with ourselves in regular times.

3. We must do things earnestly, and only so can we move others, and be able to clarify the truth better.

I feel that my sharing is still not deep enough. Basically, if I can be
as diligent as the fellow practitioners in the Spectacular show and the
media team, although there exists technical issues, but with help from
the divines, I believe that the work I do can also move the world
people, and reach the goal of clarifying the truth and saving sentient

Of course there is always more technical knowledge to learn. As our levels get higher, our abilities will improve.

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