Spring Rainstorms and Righteousness

A Kansas, USA, Practitioner

PureInsight | May 13, 2007

[PureInsight.org] There was a
saying I heard as a child each spring, "Spring showers bring May
flowers."  Last May, we started our practice of the Falun Gong
exercises outside in a local park despite the threat of a spring storm.

During exercise 2 the winds shifted direction and began to really blow
and the sky got dark and grey.  At one point, I could hear heavy
rain falling, so I opened my eyes.  We were in a meadow under a
couple of trees that were just getting their leaves.  The tree
foliage would not provide much protection against a storm. In front of
us was a meadow and behind that a line of trees and the river. 
The rain was coming down hard and heavy and advancing to us in a
distinct line from the trees in front of the river.  I closed my
eyes and listen to the exercise music.  

Soon the sheet of rain was upon us, but it stopped about two inches
from all the practitioners in the circle. Only light rain drops fell
from the sky on us while the heavy pelting rain poured only inches from
us as the storm continued to advance.

I watched with a tranquil mind.  A practitioner in front of me had
placed her purse behind her and the rain was pouring down on it, but
not her.  She opened her eyes and then checked on her purse and
decided to move it. Once she did that the rain entered the spot she was
standing, but no where else. There was still this invisible line of two
inches or so between the pelting rains and the practitioners

As practitioners in front of me became aware of the heavy rain behind
them and if they appeared to interrupt their practice stance by taking
some form of action to protect from the rain, such as moving their
raincoat hood over their head, then the heavy rain fell on them, but
only on them. Several practitioners took no action and didn't even open
their eyes. Thus, only a few drops of rain fell on them.  

Master states in Zhuan Falun
"We have said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous
thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different

I believe the righteous nature of the practitioners doing the exercises
and the protection of Master and the Guardian Gods above the practice
site kept the rain at bay.  It was our thoughts breaking from the
righteousness of the practice that allowed the rain to enter the

It was truly amazing to witness.  The storm went through and most
of us got wet, but we never stopped the exercises. By the time we ended
exercise five the sun was shining and no doubt the spring flowers were

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