Remembering Master Teaching the Fa at Dongying

PureInsight | May 6, 2007

[] When I read
an article from the website about Master touring Dongying, tears welled
up my eyes. Remembering Master teaching the Fa, I am deeply touched by
Master's boundless compassion.

In the beginning of 1994, when I was still in high school, Master was
going to teach a class in Dongying.  After I read a report about
Falun Gong a year earlier, I was determined to learn it whenever I had
an opportunity.

On the day after the Chinese New Year, the first day of the class, I
saw Master wearing a "leather" jacket walking up to the podium.  I
heard some say how come Master had a leather jacket on? Master wittily
said, "Oh, yes, it's an imitation." Master started to give the lecture
and said, "I think it's better to be teaching the class, so I am not
staying home for the Chinese New Year." Master's lecture was entirely
different from any qigong lectures that one could read in the

A couple of days later, my friend and I saw Master coming out of a
cafeteria after supper, and Master's daughter was holding on his arm.
We sent our greetings and Master nodded his head in response. That was
the closest I had gotten to Master. My impression of Master was that he
was so energetic and young.

 One of my friend said to me, "I have learned other kind of Gong
before. Would you mind ask your Master whether I can still learn Falun
Gong?"  At that time, Master was about to walk over to us, I said,
"Master Li! Master Li!" Master turned his head around, I asked, "He has
learned other gong before. Can he still learn Falun Gong?" Master said
"Yes" and then walked into the auditorium.

During the lecture, Master said, "Some people asked that they have
learned other Gong before, can they still learn Falun Gong? I think
that you are already here, why don't you just let go of what you leaned
before?"  Master adjusted our bodies twice during the entire
class. The first time, when Master told us to stand up and with one
sweeping move of his hand, I felt instant relief and became energetic.
The second time, when it was about the end of a lecture, Master asked
us to stand up and stamp our feet following Master's gesture. I felt
something was pressuring my head.

On the next day, Master was giving a lecture in a factory. Master
briefly introduced the characteristics of Falun Dafa and some of the
principles. During the lecture, Master said, "Some people do not seem
to understand the Falun. Let's do this. Just stretch out your more
sensitive hand and I'll let your experience the rotating of the
Falun."  Thus, everyone put out one hand and Master made a
sweeping move of his hand on the podium.  I felt immediately a
whirling cool air in my palm. The mother of my friend said, "Really! It
feels as if the air conditioner were running."  Master then
adjusted everyone's body.

That evening after the lecture, Master said, "I'll give a lecture
tomorrow morning. If you have to go to work, you can ask for the time
off and it should not be any problem."

After all the sessions were over, Master stood in front of the
auditorium writing autographs for us. I also wanted to move closer to
Master, but there was a big crowd around Master. I gave up the idea of
getting Master's signature. The moment I was about to ride my bike and
go home, I found it hard for me to leave and really wanted to look at
Master just a few more seconds.

It has been thirteen years since Master came to Dongying. I was a
student then. Now I am a grownup and have walked through passages of
life that were full of adversity. When I recall my experience with
Master teaching the class, I truly feel Master's magnificence and

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